Could 3 times be a charm?

This is the 3rd year that I am selected as a finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards. The previous 2 years, I was chosen for the “Best Lifestyle Blog” category. This year I’m nominated in the “Best Fashion Blog” category instead!

I know some of you might have stumbled upon my blog via the awards website. Perhaps, I could take the opportunity to share 7 facts about

1) I give you inspirations where you can spend your time and money on. Yes, I can be helpful like that. I have shared about fashion collaborations that were available online, such as Mulberry for Target, Simply Vera by Vera Wang and Matthew Williamson for Macy’s. Remember Lanvin for H&M? I sometimes like to predict trends (so that we can plan our budget!) based on what’s seen at Fashion Week. Check out my observations on bags to bag this year, and white and neutrals for Spring.

2) I sometimes talk to non-human. For example – my conversation with the leather satchels from The Cambridge Satchel Company.

3) I like to play around with outfits and give inspirations on how to mix and match – perhaps not so much in real life with my boring outfits – but through my style posts when I play dress-up for the models! Check out how you can maximise your dollar invested in a bright orange blouse, put together 6 outfits with 10 items, and what our female politicians Tin Pei Ling, Nicole Seah and Glenda Han should wear at official events!

4) Of course, there would be fashion news on a fashion blog. I shared information and pictures of fashion events in Singapore and upcoming apparel collections. Remember Audi Fashion Festival, Gucci Spring/Summer Party and H&M Autumn/Winter Preview?

5) Other than writing about fashion, I have a penchant for making beauty companies fight with each other – such as comparing sunblocks or lip glosses. But I can be non-destructive too, such as sharing hair trends or hair tips by making use of the talented people around me.

6) Sometimes, I write about my favourite places for wine and dine, interesting travel spots and easy recipes that you can create an illusion of being a “domestic goddess”.

7) Last but not least, I like cute Chinese guys. Oh wait, I think I love Korean guys too.

So, if you are convinced and would like to cast a vote of support for me, here’s what you need to do.

– Register an account at Login with your account.
– Visit Singapore Blog Awards website here.
– Click on the icon “Best Fashion Blog“.
– Click on my pink “Vote” button beside my userpic. There will be a pop-up dialog box to confirm your vote. Once voted, the pink button would turn green!

Thank you for your support to over the years! As usual, feel free to contact me if you have any question or topic that you would like me to blog about. I am just an email or Facebook away! 今年再次入围新加坡部落格大奖, 入围的奖项为“最佳时尚部落格”。能够入围,当然感到非常荣幸。为了让新的读者能够更快了解, 我集合了7个要点,穿插了一些过去写过比较有趣的posts.



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