I received an email last week that a new local boyband made a video especially for Ms Glitzy. The Promise, a band that comprised of 4 guys, made the MV dedicated to my post about the 2nd anniversary.

Isn’t the video hilarious? I totally had a great laugh when I first watched it. The Promise made 20 videos with the same tune, but different lyrics dedicated to different bloggers. This is a marketing campaign by PayPal on buyer protection.

And it was awesome that The Promise was decked in suave suits and bowties. Did remind me a bit of the Warblers from Glee.

Once again, thanks The Promise for this hilarious video. It is an honour to be one of the selected 20 bloggers featured in your videos. Totally brightened my day and this is really the best birthday present ever!

新加坡一支新近的男子合唱组合 The Promise 之前为MsGlitzy献上一曲,庆祝MsGlitzy成立2周年。这支MV超级逗趣,把我逗得捧腹大笑。The Promise 其实是新加坡 Paypal 的一个行销策略,通过这支组合宣扬该服务所提供的买方保护。通过20支特别为博客献唱的MV,希望能够博得大家的关注。感谢 The Promise 为MsGlitzy所制作的MV, 他们4个大男生穿得西装笔挺的,不禁让我联想到 Glee 里头的男子合唱团 The Warblers. 你们认为呢?


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