I have a confession to make. I’m terribly bad at packing. One of my girlfriends always travel with a tiny luggage but stacked with numerous lovely dresses and outfits that put me to utter shame. I concluded that she is a good packer and I have loads to learn in this realm.

While I continue to explore the secret of packing effectively, I have resorted to stocking up on Uniqlo Bra Tops. Essentially clothes that are well-padded that make bras obsolete (when wearing the Bra Tops I mean), these help save a bit of luggage space and are so convenient and comfortable to wear.

I bagged a Uniqlo Bra Dress (S$49.90) a couple of months ago. It is basically a simple cap-sleeved dress with padded top and polka-dot skirt. Can I assert that bra dress is one of the best fashion innovations ever?

This was snapped at The Opposite House, a boutique hotel in Beijing. Will share more about the hotel in another post.

The unfortunate news is that the range of padded Bra Tops is rather limited. For Bra Dresses, I only spotted two designs at Uniqlo. Wouldn’t it be great if there are more fashionable choices for us?

So please Uniqlo, for the convenience of all womankind, can you design more Bra Dresses? Pretty please?

之前在新加坡的优衣库发现了附罩杯的连衣裙-Bra Dress。我所购买的这件连衣裙,袖子是可爱的法国袖,裙子的部分印有斑点,非常简单的设计。 这类连衣裙真的很舒服,出国的时候放在行李也挺省位子。只可惜,目前为止优衣库的Bra Dress系列,款式不多。希望他们能够多设计这类附罩杯的衣服,提供大家即舒适又时尚的选择,

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