I recently watched a Chinese romantic comedy “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” starring Daniel Wu, Louis Ku and a Chinese actress Gao Yuan Yuan. The setting of the movie was mostly in Hong Kong Central and there were a few landmarks that I could identify with.

One of which was obviously Caffe Habitu, a name that I have frequently mentioned at my Twitter or Facebook, but not so much on this blog. Caffe Habitu is a cozy lifestyle cafe with Italian influence, and there are several outlets in Hong Kong.

Gao Yuan Yuan was waiting for Louis Ku and he got distracted by another lady at Pacific Coffee – which is indeed beside Caffe Habitu at Hutchison House in Central – and never turned up for the date.

I frequent Caffe Habitu at Hutchison House whenever I’m in Central, but I never really had a chance to take much pictures of the cafe. Also I usually take away and never had much time to really sink into the cozy atmosphere, which is quite a shame!

Daniel Wu and Gao Yuan Yuan on their first real date after 3 years!

Cute guy alert. Sigh, why wasn’t I there when they shot this movie.

There are several Caffe Habitu outlets in Hong Kong. Here are a couple of pictures I took when I was at Wanchai. This outlet has been closed temporarily for renovations.

Very laid-back atmosphere, with cozy vintage leather couches and jazzy tunes playing at the backdrop.

My diet of chocolate cupcake and Rose Latte. The barista forgot that I was eating in and gave me a takeaway cup instead! 🙁 Having sampled different coffee concoctions, my vote still goes to the signature Rose Latte, which is an interesting marriage of the fragrance of rose and the aroma of coffee.

More cupcake porn! The cupcakes are decent and not too cloyingly sweet.

Do pop by the cafe when you’re in Hong Kong. Meanwhile have a restful weekend while I try to get the normal programming of fashion and lifestyle entries up for next week!

从香港飞回来的途中,在机上看了由吴彦祖,古天乐和高圆圆主演的“单身男女”这部烂漫戏剧。除了养眼的俊男美女搭配,剧中许多中环的场景也吸引了我的注意。印象最深刻的,应该是摄于中环Caffe Habitu 的情节吧。Caffe Habitu 是我在香港颇喜欢的咖啡座之一,里头环境慵懒,咖啡味道也不错,特别喜欢他们家的招牌玫瑰拿铁。可惜我每回“登门拜访”的时候都是来去匆匆,很少有时间停下来拍几张照。在豆瓣上看到几张“单身男女”在Caffe Habitu的剧照,借此与大家分享。由于Caffe Habitu遍布香港,到香港的话,应该不难发现它。可惜接下来,本人来往香港的次数应该比较少,我想我会想念Caffe Habitu美味的咖啡。

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