What happened in June? For one, there was a collaboration with Handbag Therapy that has ended in the middle of the month. For the analysis, you could refer to the pictures posted on my FB page here.

Also, H&M announced that they are collaborating with Versace for a collection at the end of the year. Exciting!

[22 Jun 2011] NEWS! Versace will design special collections for H&M coming Autumn and Pre-Spring! [link]

For more pictures about this collection, click here.

[29 Jun 2011] Isn’t this cool? Neck Specs – a quirky accessory that replaces the bow tie! [link]

[28 Jun 2011] Fwoah! Take a look at this Tumi Bedford Ebury Wardrobe Trunk! [link]

Isn’t this the coolest “suitcase” ever? However, I found out that the wardrobe trunk would not be available in Singapore. You might have better luck searching for it overseas!

[25 Jun 2011] The urge is curiously strong.. Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote, as seen on Mandy Moore and Tameka Raymond. Love it! [link]

I find myself loving the leather bags from Reed Krakoff. A friend told me that most of the bags are “Made in China”, but does it matter? I hope to see the bags up, close and personal when I visit NYC in August.

[12 June 2011] Trying Philip B leave-in conditioner.. Can use it to style your hair too! Not sure whether it is available in Singapore? [link]

Got this travel size conditioner in Hong Kong and I kinda love it, especially the natural chamomile scent! Philip B’s products are organic and for me, this conditioner performs a dual function of hair conditioning and styling. It effectively neatens my out-of-bed hair just like any other styling products!

[9 Jun 2011] Hermès Apple Holder.. lol! [link]

[2 Jun 2011] Statement lip colours! Which is your fave? [link]

I’m an old fart. So while I’m open to bright pink, orange or red lip colours, purple shades are probably out for me. What say you?

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好快,六月一晃而过,转眼已是下半年了。这个6月,除了在FacebookHandbag Therapy 联手提供包抱占卜,也分享了H&M及Versace合作的消息。我相信,Versace for H&M 系列一定会媲美去年大受欢迎的Lanvin for H&M系列。当然这个在Facebook也分享了现在正在使用的Philip B美发护发素,以及自己越看越喜欢的Reed Krakoff皮包。若你想受到最新的资讯,不如加入我的Facebook Fan Page

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