Minimising the large pores on our face takes time. What if you need a quick fix? There are actually pore minimising cosmetics which help to cover up enlarged pores in a jiffy!

(From left) Clarins Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate, Shiseido Pore Smoothing Corrector, Aqualabel Moist Coat Essence.

1. Clarins Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate (S$45)

This handy red pen not only helps to conceal enlarged pores, but also smooth your lines and wrinkles.

The pen uses a twist and turn contraption, which prevents product wastage. But at the very first use, you would need to twist several revolutions before the beige colour concentrate peeks out.

Nonetheless, this pore and line concealer didn’t disappoint. I like how it not only conceal the pores at my nose area, but also reduce the fine lines at my eye bags. I often have double folds under the area of one eye which looked kinda weird. At least with this product, I could smooth out some of the finer lines under the eye and eliminate the double fold.

2. Shiseido Pore Smoothing Corrector (S$60)

A pretty handy tube, the white gel instantly smooths the skin and mattifies the surface, providing a better base for your foundation.

The Pore Smoothing Corrector works well with most of my concealer and foundations. Unlike the Clarins Line Correcting Concentrate which smoothen fine lines, the Shiseido’s version is more for pore concealing, as well as its mattifying properties, i.e. this could be a good makeup fix for “oil rigs”!

The downside, though, is the price. At $60 for 13ml, I felt like I was halfway done with the tube in no time – to be specific, slightly more than 2 weeks!

3. Aqualabel Moist Coat Essence (S$27.90)

This product is slightly different from the previous two, as it is more like a balm, rather than a gel or cream. The Moist Coat Essence promises not only to conceal enlarged pores, but also to moisturise your skin at the same time.

The balm is rather fine and smooth, but slightly waxy. While it does conceal pores effectively, the waxy surface doesn’t go well with certain types of foundation or concealer.

If your main problem is just large pores, given its affordable price, I would say go for it. And if you are currently considering Tony Moly’s Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm, please opt for Aqualabel Moist Coat Essence instead. This is because Aqualabel’s version is more silky and fine, and less waxy than Tony Moly’s.


As you can see, each pore concealer featured here has different functions and promises. For me, my favourite goes to the Clarins Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate, because it serves dual functions of concealing pores and reducing fine lines. Honestly, anything that gives me less of an eye bag totally deserves a thumbs-up.

你是否有毛孔粗大的问题?使用护肤品减少毛孔问题需要一些时间,在进行补救的当儿,也可考虑使用毛孔修饰化妆品。借此介绍3种专门修饰粗大毛孔的化妆品- Clarins 魔法柔滑无瑕笔, Shiseido平滑毛孔妆前霜以及资生堂姐妹品牌Aqualabel的透明毛孔遮瑕膏。Clarins的无瑕笔除了修饰毛孔之外,也减少细纹。资生堂平滑毛孔妆前霜则能够减少肌肤上妆后出油的现象。至于Aqualabel的透明毛孔遮瑕膏,则附加保湿作用。本人最喜欢的产品是Clarins 魔法柔滑无瑕笔,价格算合理,又能有效减轻我的眼袋问题。终于找到一个能够有效修饰眼袋的产品,我可是开心得不得了!

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