I don’t know how many of you are “oil rigs” but I am definitely one of them. My face is naturally oily and with the recent bout of adult acne problem that I suffered from, the oily condition kinda worsened.

I was introduced to the Kiehl’s new Ultra Facial Oil-free Collection way back in May and only started testing the collection recently now that the acne has subsided. This collection of toner, cleanser and moisturiser is best for those with oily skin without acne or large pore problems. Several skincare products in the market that promise to reduce oil ends up drying the skin. Over here, Kiehl’s tries to provide no-shine, oil-free moisture.

As I was applying topical antibiotics on my skin to heal acne, my skin has became very sensitive. The fact that Kiehl’s products, especially this range, are paraben-free, fragrance-free and silicione-free do help a bit, because right now anything that is not too loaded with chemicals are best for my skin.

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser (S$38)

The cleanser is light, creamy and foams up pretty well. I use this hand-in-hand with the Clarisonic Mia for cleansing. It is a decent cleanser, so if you are shopping for a good one and excess facial oil is an issue for you, I would recommend this item to you.

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner (S$38)

I welcome toners which are alcohol-free, especially given my skin’s current delicate state. This toner is mild and gentle, but effectively keeps my skin hydrated. I have been using the cleanser and toner hand-in-hand for a week and my oily skin condition has improved.

Ultra Facial Oil-free Gel Cream (S$48)

I believe this is a “love it” or “hate it” product. There are not many gel-like moisturizers in the market, although most users with oily skin would prefer such consistency. The moisturizer is as promised, very light, in fact a bit watery, non-greasy, and is free of parabens, fragrance, oil and silicone. It also has a slight cooling effect once applied on the skin. However, do note that this gel cream contains Alcohol Denat, and does has a little smell of alcohol. For those with sensitive skin, you might want to do a patch test first before applying this on your face.

The moisturizer can be quite sticky after it dries up and I dislike this sticky feeling. Also, upon application, there is a slight tingling sensation, which I am not very comfortable with. Nonetheless, so far so good, no adverse reaction from this gel cream. I would only use this at night before bed.


Finally a range with oil-free hydration properties, and is suitable for sensitive skin. This range does deliver what it claims and given that Kiehl’s are quite generous with samples, you should pop by their stores to find out more about this range if you are interested.

今年因为经常飞来飞去,生活作息变得很不健康,导致豆豆找上门。花了好长的功夫,现在脸上豆豆的问题终于有较稳定的迹象。可是,原本偏油性的肌肤,现在更容易出油。Kiehl’s 最新的 Ultra Facial Oil-free Collection 专门针对拥有油性肌肤的使用者,确保在把油去走的当儿,肌肤继续保持滋润。由于这系列的产品不含苯甲酸酯,香料,油和有机硅, 适合敏感的肌肤。本人非常喜欢这系列当中的洗面乳和爽肤水。至于保湿凝胶,则含有酒精 Alcohol Denat, 对酒精敏感的读者请注意。

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