A friendly shout-out for Action for Aids – there will be a flea market, La Flea Boutique, on 12th July, Tuesday 4-9pm at SpeakEasy. Proceeds from the sale will go to the charity organisation. There is an entry fee of S$5, which will be a donation to Action for Aids too.

Expect items like these:

Marc Jacobs Top S$70

Kate Spade Bag S$70

Chloe Jacket S$70

I contributed some items to the flea market too. Here’s one of my contributions – Warehouse Dress with Embroidered Details S$20. Perfect for the beach season.

For more information, do check out the event’s Facebook page for more details. The price of items for sale range from S$5 to S$70. Apparently, everyone gets to leave with a little something from the bargain basket for free!

新加坡爱之病行动小组将在7月12日傍晚举行一个甩卖会,售卖各种服饰品。名为La Flea Boutique,活动的所有收益将捐献给该慈善组织。虽然活动将索取入门费5元,但是所有出席者除了有机会搜到便宜的名牌服装之外,也能够从“甩卖篮”中取得免费物品。若星期二傍晚闲着没事,不如到位于新加坡牛车水的 SpeakEasy 参加这项活动。或许,你会买到我所捐献的物品哦!

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