Our “bathing suit” has undergone several eras and evolution, with the 1950s known widely as the “golden era” of women’s swimwear. It was during this era that corseted style “maillots” became popular and contestants started strutting in swimwear at beauty pageants.

Vintage Catalina Maillot Advertisement [source]

With the whole retro trend coming back in Spring/Summer this year, we see a similar revival in swimsuit styles today! Yes, “more is more” and sunbathing in your one-piece swimsuit can be rather sexy today.

While I used to lament how hard it is to find a decent one-piece swimsuit off the rack, I managed to spot a number of trendy retro swimwear during my visit to Seafolly‘s new store at Wisma Atria (#02-16) last week. For those who aren’t comfortable with buying swimsuits online without having a try, perhaps you can check out this series of swimwear from the Australian brand’s Spring/Summer collection.

Pin up boyleg maillot – S$206

Goddess boyleg maillot – S$193

Avant Garden Twist Bandeau Maillot – S$193

Sorrento boylet maillot – S$193

Safari bustier maillot (with detachable strap) – S$219

I couldn’t find model photos for the above 2 swimsuits. The polka dot one on the left is S$232 while the electric blue maillot on the right is S$193.

What do you think of these swimsuits? All of them are well-padded, and the bustier maillot has underwire. While the pricing is on the high side, you could take the opportunity to try all the different types of swimsuits and determine which cut is flattering for your body shape. The store assistants are well-equipped to provide help and guidance too.

A quick rule of thumb for swimsuit shopping, if you are:

Small on top: Get a swimsuit with underwire, heart-shape neckline or tie-front top.

Big on top: Halter top that shows a little cleavage.

Short Torso: Swimsuit that are cut high on thigh.

Big on bottom: You can try a little bit of ruffles or skirt at the bottom, avoid boyleg which emphasises the hips.

Tummy: Look for some drapes or folds at the tummy area.

Hope this helps your swimsuit shopping!


上星期,本人到了澳洲泳装品牌Seafolly在新加坡新开张的第一家旗舰店,赫然发现几套受50年代影响的复古泳装, 借此与大家分享。虽然价格稍微昂贵,但是你能够一试再试,发掘最适合自己身材的泳装。今年夏天,大家约好一起穿着复古泳衣到海边嬉戏吧!

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