The weather here has been so hot that I believe it crushes whatever sartorial inspirations one might have. Warm and bored, I started browsing those celebrities’ pictures to spy what they are wearing this summer. An initial collage was posted on my Facebook Fan Page (join us if you haven’t!) and it seems like yellow is a popular favourite colour!

Leighton Meester‘s summery yellow combination is interesting and very well-liked. This outfit is nicely completed with a pair of orange Brian Atwood pumps.

Only a gorgeous girl like Megan Fox can get away looking gorgeous in a tee-shirt and shorts ensemble. Perhaps it’s time to tone up this summer. For others who wanna look good in shorts, notice that Megan Fox was wearing wedges which “elongated” her legs?

Another celebrity in shorts – LeAnn Rimes. Note that she is wearing a pair of skyscrapers too. Ah, now we know the trick to looking polished and sophisticated in shorts!

Honestly, this casual dress look by Lea Michele is probably something that I could replicate easily. Pretty effortless and comfortable, all you need is a cotton dress and matching flats to breeze through this very warm summer. Don’t forget your fedora and shades!

A white lace dress takes you to both casual and serious events. It is interesting how Anne Hathaway matched her little white dress with a pair of hot red pumps.

Another yellow outfit! Kate Middleton looks radiant in this Jenny Packham crepe dress. I would love to wear this with a pair of nude or tan ballerina flats and run around the streets!

Ashley Olsen usually looks hippie, so I was pleasantly surprised by this more preppy and polished outfit. Midi skirts are quite a hit this season so bag one if you haven’t! I am lusting over many tempting midi skirts at ASOS.

Last but not least, it’s time to show off our maxi dresses! I am reminded that I still have a brand new maxi dress that looks like the one that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is wearing. My dress needs to see the light of day. I like how Rosie pulls off a casual look in this dress matched with a pair of nude flats. So, it’s not true that you have to wear sandals with maxi dresses. Covered shoes and flats are fine too!

I hope all of us are more inspired with our summer outfits now. Remember to apply sunblock before you head out. The UV rays out there are pure evil.

在炎热的夏天,要维持时尚穿着绝非易事。在这闷热的星期六,本人在网上搜寻了不少名人的夏日穿着,希望能够从中取得一些灵感。这么多位名人当中,你最喜欢谁的穿着呢?我认为,大家各有千秋,但是Leighton Meester 及 Kate Middleton 的黄色配搭令人眼前一亮!不难发现,一副好的太阳眼镜是咱们夏天的必戴品。除此之外,出外之前记得要敷好防晒油,别让可恶的紫外线找上门!

Images: Just Jared

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