I am the girl who wears a watch and because of that, I hardly wear accessories on my wrist. Recently, having stumbled upon La Mer watches, I started thinking about watches that double up as accessories. It’s perfect to have 2-in-1 without having to go through the trouble of mixing and matching accessories, isn’t it?

Wrap Watches

The La Mer watches were what got me thinking in the first place. No, in case you are wondering, there is no link with the holy Creme de La Mer.  But these La Mer watches are slowly gaining popularity in many parts of the world with their signature wrap watches attached with charm bracelets.

These are incredible, aren’t they? And they are rather affordable – with price ranging fro US$80-US$150. I like how it offers an effortless way to jazz up any outfit.

La Mer watches are available on Shopbop and Karma Loop.

I really wanted to stop here because there is really some fatal attraction going on between the La Mer and me… But I decided to continue to show you some other interesting watches that I found on the WWW.

Charm Watches

Essentially, you are wearing a bracelet with a watch charm, so such options are perfect for those girls who love wearing charm bracelets. There are so many types of charm watches available and here are some designs that I personally like (although not as much as the La Mer).

Charm watches from Anne Klein.

Charm watches from Juicy Couture (left) and Lipsy (right).

Bangle Watches

I have a preference towards bangle watches which are simple and sleek, especially that sophisticated Calvin Klein watch in the middle of the collage below.

(from left) Marc by Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, ASOS.

Necklace Watches

Just something wacky that I came across. Forever 21 has tonnes of such necklace watches and I though the Happy Robots were some kinda interesting. If you prefer to go for a more recognizable character rather than random robots, perhaps Miss Marc suits you better.

Cute robot watches from Forever 21 and the Miss Marc Necklace Watch from Shopbop.

Which is your favourite? I still can’t get my mind off the La Mer watches.

PS: I bought a La Mer watch eventually, can’t wait to receive it!

写时尚部落格,为荷包带来的风险特别大,因为常常在意想不到的情况下看到吸引人的事物。周末的时候不经意地发现了La Mer手链式手表,价格不贵,又能够轻而易举地点缀装束。结果搜寻得越多,发现更多不同的手链式手表 – 如可爱吊饰手表,典雅手环式以及古怪项链式的。大家参阅了这么多款手表,心仪那一款呢?本人好像还是被La Mer的魅力给虏获了。因为它的设计可以很帅气,也可以很特别。对于那些不常戴手环的女生来说,提供了恰当的点缀。


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