I had the opportunity to visit Coach in New York last week and left their office feeling that the brand could leverage more on its rich history. I was introduced to their archive, where Coach designs from its early days were stored. You will be surprised, how a bag designed in the 1950s could still relevant and trendy in the 21st century.

Like this kisslock bag in royal blue shade! The leather used in manufacturing the bags at that time was the same material used to make baseball gloves and thus is very durable. This bag is older than yours truly. Imagine that!

More durable leather bags made in popping colours. These were from the 1960s-70s.

I am sure if they reissue this leather satchel, it will be a instant sell-out. This was released in the 1970s.

Cute little dinner bag in croc leather. One of my favourites from the archive.

Unique embossed leather satchels. We hardly see such treatment on leather bags these days. Don’t you think Coach should re-issue these 2 bags too? I would buy that flap bag!

This bag, from the 1980s, reminded me of the Celine nano luggage bag sans the zip pocket. It was during this period that Coach started introducing shoppers totes which resembles shopping bags, but made in leather.

A glimpse of the archive. Tonnes of Coach bags from over the years stored in several such glass cabinets.

For more pictures of my visit to the office, as well as some photos of the making of Coach bag samples, please refer to my Facebook album.

I was brimming with a lot of thoughts and ideas after the office visit. First, Coach celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. There are so many relevant designs and concepts from its history that they could do a really massive reissue of its classic designs – other than those that were sold on Net-a-Porter recently. With the retro revival in trend, I was amazed how many of their pure leather bag designs from yester-years could be sell-outs today.

Also, with so many pieces being archived, wouldn’t it be cool for Coach to have a retrospective exhibition (like the Louis Vuitton “Voyages” Exhibition) to showcase these lovelies? Many of us could appreciate the brand’s heritage and its pursuit for quality a lot better.

I am interested to hear what you think! What do you think of Coach and how has your impression changed after reading this post and viewing the pictures?

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