As we progress to the Fall Winter season, beauty brands are launching new makeup collections to herald in the cool, wintry climate.

Clarins just launched its Colour Definition Autumn Collection and this season, the emphasis goes to the eyes!

6 different eye palettes are introduced to conjure 6 different looks. Literally one palette for each day per week, with Sunday as no-makeup day. Check out my Facebook album for these 6 looks for inspirations!

(from left) 3D Radiance Face Powder, Ombre Mineral 4 Couleurs (Eye palette) in Indigo, Rouge Prodige in Peach Sorbet, Joli Rouge in Grenadine, Ombre Mineral 4 Couleurs in Violet.

The 3D Radiance Face Powder (S$65) is embossed with cute pixel patterns. Unlike the Barocco Face Palette which was more of a peach blush for me, the 3D Radiance Face Powder is more a quick fix loose face powder. I would swipe the brush against the whole palette to dust around the face, hit a focused swipe at the peach+violet cubes to minimise redness, and swipe against the peach+intense pink cubes for blush on the cheeks.

Also, unlike the Barocco Face Palette which was heavy, the 3D Radiance Face Powder is packed in a very light case. Perfect to keep in your makeup bag for touch-ups.

My bare face dusted with 3D Radiance Face Powder, with light blush on the cheeks with the face powder too. The coverage was light, as expected of a face powder. Hence some of my bumps or redness were not so effectively covered up.

Eye Palette: Indigo | Blush: Clarins Blush Prodige in Miami Pink | Rouge: Rouge Prodige in Peach Sorbet

The Ombre Mineral 4 Couleurs (Eye palette) in Indigo (S$72)  is a nice shade in between violet and deep blue. The colours are not as pigmented as they seem when applied dry, but there was good for me (being a noob) because I could control the intensity of the colours a bit better.

Rouge: Joli Rouge in Grenadine

I think I prefer the consistency of the Rouge Prodige (S$35) over the Rouge Hydra Nude in the Summer Neo Pastels collection. The texture is more buttery and it covers up my dry lip better than the Hydra Nude lipsticks.

The Joli Rouge (S$35) colour – Grenadine – is a little reminiscent of the Barocco lipstick. It’s a wearable shade of red, that falls in the middle of the spectrum ranging from bright chilli red rouge and the intense deep red rouge. Good for everyday wear, especially for ladies who do not wear much makeup. A decent rouge could brighten up your face immediately.

Which item is your favourite? My vote goes to the 3D Radiance Face Powder and the Rouge Prodige in in Peach Sorbet shade!

Clarins娇韵诗 在8月推出秋季彩妆系列。这次的产品着重眼妆,因此推出了6种不同色系,让你创造出6种不同造型,美美度过秋季。

本人最喜欢3D脸部彩妆盘-印有可爱的设计,其实当中有不同颜色的小方块,各有用处。将化妆刷扫过彩妆盘, 扫在脸上能够呈现立体感。若要掩饰一些瑕疵,可将化妆刷着重在浅紫色的小方块。若要在脸颊上涂上一点腮红,可侧重粉红小方块。覆盖能力犹如散粉,适合补妆时使用。


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