July was a month full of Fall/Winter previews. I didn’t managed to attend all the previews that I was invited to, but I tried to share those that I have been and post interesting finds on the blog and on Facebook.

And of course, I also discovered the cutest French manicure in the world last month. Has anyone tried to DIY this?

[17 July 2011] This could be the cutest French manicure! [link]

[28 July 2011] What I wore today: royal blue dress from Nine West with a thick red belt and red pointy shoes! Pardon me for my silly expression… [link]

Took this in the morning before I headed out to work. We don’t really see much of Nine West dresses over here in Singapore but they have pretty lady-like designs which are perfect for proper occasions.

[28 July 2011] This is what I got from Reebonz Singapore 99% sale today. A pair of earrings at S$4. There’s no more bags, only vases, earrings, not so fantastic watches.. you get the gist… [link]

I was lucky enough to access the Reebonz 99% Discount Sale but not lucky enough to get through on the first day! I was all ready and prepared to work it on Day 1 of the sale but was unexpectedly called up for a meeting. By the time I was out, the 100 entries for the day were snapped up. Undeterred, I tried my luck on the second day and managed to access the sale. However, there were almost no discounted bag left – save for some LeSportSacs and an Etro PVC Shopper Tote. The Etro tote was in the midst of being checked out and I got myself a pair of ethnic earrings from Satellite Paris instead. I have yet to receive them but well, for S$4, I guess I can’t complain.

[22 July 2011] A photo of me and other beauty bloggers together with makeup maestro Clarence Lee at the Shu Uemura 2nd anniversary party. Photo courtesy of @makeupstash. 🙂 [link]

Yes, I went to the Shu Uemura party at ION in my corporate presentation garb! I had a great deal of fun learning more about Shu Uemura product range and it was great hanging out with the beauty bloggers as I had not seen them in a while.

[13 July 2011] OMG, delicious iPhone4 cases from Strapya. Itadakimasu! [link]

These iPhone 4 cases are for real, and they are selling at about US$50 on Strapya! Are you hungry?

[7 July 2011] TGIF! Today, I stumbled upon this interesting website called “Dear Photograph”. http://dearphotograph.com/ [link]

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7月的时候收到好多秋冬系列预览邀请。时尚界的步伐永远是那么的快,夏天的天气依旧炎热,各品牌已准备好秋冬潮流指标。上个月,最自豪的就是发掘世界上最可爱的Hello Kitty法式美甲。 除此之外,刚过去的Reebonz 99% 大促销,虽然没办法卖到任何打折的名牌包,可是庆幸能够购得一对耳环。借此也想向大家介绍Dear Photograph摄影写真落格。很多人觉得,写部落格并不难,但是idea和心思相辅相成,才能够引起大家的共鸣。Dear Photograph部落格推出没多久便引起大家的注意,不到一个月,博主就获得出书的机会。坦白说,我也从中得到启发,更花心思去构想每篇post,希望大家会更喜欢浏览MsGlitzy.com。

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