I was invited to experience facial at Clarins Skin Spa recently. I gotta admit, I was excited and worried at the same time. As you probably know, my skin hasn’t been at its greatest recently and a facial is probably much needed. On the other hand, I was worried that the facial could cause my skin to be even more sensitive or even purge majorly.

Based on my understanding towards Clarins’ products, I figured that it is unlikely that I would develop major sensitive reaction from the facial although I did reminded my beauty therapist to go easy on my skin.

The brightly lit entrance of Clarins Skin Spa at Wheelock Place, Level 5.

The cozy waiting area. The interior of Clarins Skin Spa is furnished with a lot of warm elements such as wood and the signature Clarins colours – red and white.

Red carpet to guide guests to the treatment rooms for their facial or massage.

Clarins facial treatments do not make use of any machine and are applied through massage. As such a facial at Clarins Skin Spa involves the use of Clarins beauty products and the spa’s concoctions known as “Professional Formulas” and is largely dependent on the skills of the beauty therapist. There is also no extraction involved in the facial.

My beauty therapist, Luisa, did a skin check for me and proposed a more customised treatment, after hearing my concerns. I was initially supposed to try the Lifting Face Shaper, but she added a secondary “Detox and Shine Stopper” to refine my skin texture and reduce oily skin condition.

The environment was very comfortable and sleep-inducing. I was pleasantly surprised that the bed was warmed by an external heater! Luisa first started the facial with a massage for my shoulders, hands and limbs to relax, before she got started on my face. There was indeed no machine or steam used in the entire facial (except for the heater that warmed the treatment bed, not used on my face) and all that worked was Luisa’s hands, various Clarins’ products and formulas, as well as warm and cool towels. The facial lasted more than 1 hour.

After the facial, I was led to the consultation corner, where Luisa explained which types of Clarins’ products would be suitable for maintaining or improving my skin condition. Indeed, it seems a bit salesy but Luisa was not pushy when I took note of the names and prices of the recommended products and told her that I would go back and consider. Instead, she passed me some samples and gave me instructions on how to use them.

I was most impressed by the touch-up counters at the spa, which was well-equipped with Clarins’ suite of make-up items, complete with a plethora of disposable applicators for different cosmetics – such as face brush, sponges, mascara application etc. For those who are heading out, you can literally do a full make-up at the counter!


Clarins Skin Spa offer different facial treatments for different needs. Each facial treatment time is 60 minutes, and cost between S$160-180 per treatment. Body treatments and exfoliating treatments cost S$160 for 60 minutes while mom-to-be massages cost S$220 for 75 minutes.

Other special treatments, as well as package options are available.


My bare face after the facial – visibly brighter and more rejuvenated – comes with flatter hair too. 🙂

I was initially rather skeptical of a facial treatment that goes back to the basics with just massages and beauty products that can be purchased off the shelves (except for the Professional Formula). Clarins offers free 30-minute Skin Time service, so why pay S$160 for a more luxurious version? I also used to feel that extractions are needed to unclog pores and remove impurities.

But boy, I was quite blown away when I stared at the mirror after the facial. My skin was visibly brighter and smoother that I wouldn’t mind leaving the spa bare-faced. And to think that just hours ago, there were bumps and redness and there was no way I would post a picture of that naked face on the blog.

I guess, such a natural treatment with plant-based products could be helpful to sensitive skin. And it is actually hard to replicate the treatment at home, largely because of the Professional Formulas that were used. Skin Time is meant to be more educational, but the Skin Spa offers a more relaxed setting, as well as more intensive formulas and services targeted at rectifying problems.

Given that I am typically quite careful with facials (note the limited number of facial reviews on MsGlitzy.com), and my skin hasn’t been in top-notch condition, I was indeed relieved and thankful for the positive effects I was seeing after the treatment.

Hope this review helps and let me know if you have any question!

Clarins Skin Spa
501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #05-05/06/07
Tel: 6838 5060
Email: clarinsskinspa@clarins.com.sg

Clarins Skin Spa娇韵诗美妍中心在新加坡重新开张,我受邀前去试一试它们家的面部护理疗程。Clarins 与众不同的地方是,在护理过程坚决不使用任何机器,单纯靠按摩与自家产品以及所调配的配方Professional Formulas进行护理。坦白说,我原本是抱着战战兢兢的心情去接受疗程,因为最近皮肤的状况真的不太好,所以担心在护理过后,肌肤会起过敏反应。Clarins美容师以纯熟的技巧以及非常好的判断力,为我提供了一个适合我的疗程。护理过后,看见自己的肌肤,我还真是感到惊喜。皮肤明显变得柔滑明亮了,之前的红斑点也减少了。真没想到,单靠手按摩以及一些美容产品竟然能达到这种效果。若你和我一样,有敏感的肌肤,或许可以试试Clarins Skin Spa比较天然的面部护理疗程。虽然护理的价格有些昂贵,但是我对护理后的效果真的非常满意!

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