Because I have two smoky eye palettes in blue shades from the Fall/Winter makeup collections, I decided to do a comparison between Clarins and Dior palettes.

Starting off with a quote from Christian Dior, “Midnight Blue is the only colour which can ever compete with black.” Blue is a pretty basic eye shadow colour but the popular look next season would be a blend of silver, grey and deep blue to create the smoky eyes.

(left) Dior 3 Couleur Smoky Eyeshadow in Smoky Navy (S$70) and Clarins Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs in Indigo (S$72)

Packaging and Price

The price of both brands are comparable – granted, you get 4 colours from Clarins and 3 colours from Dior. Both palettes are lightweight, come with a velvet pouch, and perfect to carry in your makeup pouch.

I would highlight a particular interesting feature of the Dior palette – it uses a sliding mechanism rather than the usual “click and open” contraption.


Eyes: Dior 3 Couleur Smoky Eyeshadow in Smoky Navy | Lips: Dior Rouge Serum Crystal in Tea Rose Crystal (455)

Eyes: Clarins Ombre Mineral 4 Couleurs (Eye palette) in Indigo | Rouge: Clarins Rouge Prodige in Peach Sorbet

Both are closely similar, except that Clarins Indigo palette has a slight violet tinge. Dior’s smoky palette, on the other hand, is very shimmery and perfect for the night.

Colour Intensity and Ease of Use

I am quite familiar with Clarins eye palettes and know that the eye colours are usually not very pigmented. Dior’s eye colours are also not as intense as it looks. I had to add copious amount of the eye colours to get closer to a smoky eye look. Also, my blending brush couldn’t really pick up much colour, so I felt that it was easier to use my fingers to blend the eye shadows instead.

I like the smoky eye effect I was getting from Dior. I thought I appeared as if I knew what I was doing – although I am not trained in makeup. The shimmers are plentiful, so it is a good palette for you if you need to work a smoky eye for a party or night event. Clarins eye palette, on the other hand, is great for a wider scope of occasions. With 4 colours in one palette, you could also pick and choose which colours you want to achieve different looks.

今年秋冬季的彩妆风潮之一,应该就是“蓝眼睛”。各家化妆品牌都推出蓝色烟熏眼影盘。本人试用了Clarins娇韵诗以及Dior的深蓝眼影盘,发现两家的产品各有千秋。娇韵诗的Ombre Mineral 4 Couleurs 有四种颜色,适合多变的场合,可以适度变换不同造型。Dior的 3 Couleur Smoky Eyeshadow非常容易使用。虽然本人非什么彩妆达人,觉得自己用Dior的眼影盘所化出来的烟熏妆还算似模似样。Dior的眼影也有大量的亮粉,非常有光泽,适合夜晚party妆容。

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