After the successful collaboration with Matthew Williamson in Spring, Macy’s is launching a capsule collection from Karl Lagerfeld this Autumn. Come 31st August, Karl Lagerfeld’s 45-piece capsule collection will be available at Macy’s stores and online.

Pictures of the collection are revealed. This could be a highly coveted collection as Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for H&M in 2004 was sold out just 2 days after its launch!

Office Chic

I particularly like the idea of oversized collars matched with soft silk fabric. It adds some masculine touch into the feminine silhouette.

Party by Night

Besides office-friendly outfits, there were a number of body-hugging outfits great for a party at night!

The Princess

Also in the collection were a couple of girlish and lady-like dresses, that were somewhat uncharacteristic of Mr Lagerfeld’s typical style.

Homage to Karl

What stands out from among all the fashion collaborations we have seen so far are these printed tees, which feature Karl Lagerfeld’s caricatures and name. He – the man – is part the design. Would you buy a tank top with Mr Lagerfeld’s caricature for US$49 a pop?

Priced between US$49-170 per item, the collection is rather enticing both in terms of affordability as well as wearability. I have set my eyes on a couple of items and hope that I will be able to grab them once they go on sale! What about you?

Chanel与Fendi等知名品牌设计师Karl Lagerfeld与美国商家Macy’s合作,推出限量平价系列。这系列将在8月31日发售,当中不乏适合上班族的时尚服饰。当然,如果规规矩矩的服装不适合你,黑色漆皮服饰以及女生娃娃裙可能符合你的口味。依稀记得,2004年Karl Lagerfeld与H&M合作的系列,在发售的两天内一扫而空。不知这次Macy’s的系列是否也会引起这么热烈的风潮?

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