My flight is canceled and I am destined to rough it out in New York City with Hurricane Irene. Meanwhile, I shall distract myself with other happy thoughts, such as the Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote.

I have been thinking about it for a while now, so visiting the Reed Krakoff boutique at Madison Avenue was a priority in my itinerary.

Apologies on the blurry photos! I had to be discreet at the store. The above is the Boxer Tote, smallest size but quite roomy and big for a girl of average height.

The Boxer tote is a functional girl handbag, which is meant to be carried rather than slung on the shoulder. This is like a shopper’s tote because it doesn’t have a zip. There are 3 side pockets and a tiny interior zip pocket for you to keep things organised. The tote also has a thick base, so it could handle quite a number of books!

Close-up of the Boxer tote. This bag is made of half-suede and half-leather.

The Boxer I tote, which is good as a shoulder bag. This one that I was carrying is Ostrich leather.

Close-up of the Boxer I tote, this one comes with 3 sections, of which the middle section is has a zip. The base is quite thick and with its solid leather material, it can be heavy. But this size could be good if you want a stylish document bag which can accommodate your work files and laptop.

Another close-up shot of the Boxer tote.

This is another design that I like. Known as the “Kit bag”, this one has a really nice neutral color-block combination, with innovative use of materials.

So here is the question – should I get the Boxer I tote? The felt+leather Boxer I costs about US$990 before tax.

The pros:

1. Stylish design and unique color-block combination
2. Solid material
3. Conversation starter

The cons:

1. Thick base – i.e. quite bulky.
2. Heavy – because of its size and material
3. No zip – except for the middle section that is zipped up. All my bags should have zipper closure!

I am so undecided.

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