Having been a cubicle rat for several years, I have learnt that looking classy, fashionable and serious for the office is no mean feat. Many people often dismiss corporate wear as boring and stifling. Many ladies also stick to the safe haven – by wearing black most of the time.

Indeed, it seems hard to juggle sartorial sense when your professionalism is on the table but I thought it’s time all of us be inspired with our office wardrobe with reference from Olivia Palermo!

How to mix and match pants outfits: well-fitted blazer or a silk blouse?

One jacket, 2 outfits.

Little printed dresses – note that she is wearing the same necklace (left picture) as the previous jacket+pants outfit.

How to wear plaid pants. I notice that Ms Palermo likes to mix wide leg pants with silk blouses.

Another case of 1 jacket, 2 outfits. The outfit on the right is chic and smart for casual Friday!

2 more outfits with the same jacket.

A different black jacket, which she worn twice. Admittedly, these two outfits are a bit more sombre although the purple clutches and little broaches helped to inject some pizzazz.

You would never go wrong with lux pieces like silk blouses. Also, a textured or printed skirt is a nice addition to the outfit.

We also learn how to wear a cardigan over a dress properly – belt it!

As I browsed through her outfits, I couldn’t help but noticed that I already have similar items that she was wearing but I never thought of mashing them up like this. I am sure all of us have a few jackets, cardigans, dresses, work pants, blouses, black pumps and statement accessories in our wardrobe. It’s really how we wish to inject a new zest of life by breaking out of our comfort zone.

Hope you are inspired! I totally am!

在职场打滚几年,发现要穿得既时尚又专业绝非易事。往往发现,本地的上班族穿着均千遍一律。本人也常常“偷懒”,不愿意多花一些心思想想如何突破平日的装束。从Olivia Palermo小姐学到,其实要达到多变的上班族穿着不需要荷包大出血。一件黑色外套,Olivia Palermo便穿了4次,而且每回都令人耳目一新。只要好好投资几件合身的外套,长裤,以及丝织上衣,外加一些夸张的首饰,就能穿出时尚典雅的感觉。希望大家和我一样,受到Olivia Palermo的启发,只要花一点点心思,就可能变出更多适合office的时尚穿着。

Images: Zimbio

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