The weather in NYC has been erratic. On some days, it gets real warm and sunny that you could easily get a tan by spending a day outside. On other days, it gets so rainy that you almost can’t do much in the city.

Determined not to let the rain wear me down, I am seriously considering getting a pair of rain boots for wet days here.

Lace top: Victoria’s Secrets | Cardigan: Courtesy of Uniqlo | Skinny jeans: Esprit | Gold loafers: Merona | Necklace: Guess | Satin hobo: Gap

This was shot at Soho. Pardon me for looking a bit unkempt because this is what walking in the rain (albeit with an umbrella) does to you.

Other than the weather and the subway system (although I am an expert now), I think I’m loving it here.

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