I finally tried on the Dior Vernis nail polish that is launched for this Fall season! Named Tuxedo, this limited edition nail colour is a mysterious shade of deep blue.

The deep metallic blue shade has a magnetic form of appeal. From far, it is so dark that it almost resembles black. At closer look, you would see the azure shade and detect the playful sparkles. I tried pairing the Tuxedo shade with my newly acquired OPI Silver Shatter.

Do you like it with or without Shatter?

Priced at S$35, this limited edition nail varnish has been on sale since August 1st. Besides Tuxedo, Dior also introduced Blue Denim, which somewhat coincides with Chanel’s Les Jeans des Chanel limited edition nail polish collection for this year’s Fashion’s Night Out. Looks like Blue Nails could be in the rage this Fall!

I am not sure whether these two Vernis polishes are still available at the counters. If not, you could always try the secondary market.. I meant Ebay.

Dior在这个秋冬季推出了两款限量版Vernis指甲油。其中一款是既神秘又诱人的深蓝色-Tuxedo(燕尾服)。本人在脚趾甲部分还添加一层OPI银色Shatter龟裂指甲油。除了Tuxedo之外,Dior的另一款限量版颜色Blue Denim则似乎与Chanel最近为Fashion’s Night Out所推出的Les Jeans des Chanel 指甲油有相同之处。看来,今年冬季,除了蓝眼睛之外,蓝指甲也是风潮之一。

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