OHH EMMM GEE, this is probably the most delayed post ever! My “Facebooking” series that came one-half week late. August was the epitome of awesome for me, for three weeks out of four was spent out of town in NYC. Probably the best time I have had this year.

[4 August 2011] Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses Collection. This particular pair of shades looks kinda cool yeah? Available at Miu Miu boutiques here from October 2011. [link]

[8 August 2011] Have u tried Baileys + Milo before? Apparently you just need to mix both together, throw some ice and voila, drink your Monday night away…. [link]

Before I left for my trip, I received a very thoughtful pack from Nestle with essential food products such as coffee, cereals, Milo (my all-time favourite beverage) and my new found favourite snack – the Kit Kat Chunky. In the pack, there were several recipes on how to create desserts and drinks from Milo, and Milo cocktail was one of them. If you are a fan of Milo like me, try out the wicked Milo Baileys concoction! Also, thanks Nestle for the fab gift package!


[11 August 2011] New nails from Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers. [link]

[24 August 2011] Not so new nails… nail stickers from Sally Hansen’s. [link]

I also explored the very affordable and lasting nail stickers from Sally Hansen’s when in NYC. I bought many packs back home to share with my friends and for future purposes. These are so easy to DIY, and there is no drying time required unless you add on a top coat. Perfect for impatient people like me!

[21 August 2011] Spotted at the Met Museum: art work from Willie Cole – made from many pairs of black shoes. [link]

Could you tell that this is a face made from many pairs of black ladies pumps? It’s amazing piece of eco-art, isn’t it? Named “Shine”, this is currently showing at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. For more details, you could check it out here.

[25 August 2011] My parcel of La Mer Collections watches are here! Did you spot any that you like? I am going to sell a few from this batch so let me know if you would like to get any! [link]

In August, I also got to know La Mer watches, which is an interesting marriage of functionality and aesthetic elements. I have started selling some ready watches I brought from NYC, and will be opening up a pre-order. Pop by my Facebook album for more information!

[30 August 2011] Temporary lips tattoo! Violentlips.com [link]

Besides nail stickers, we now welcome the era of lip stickers…

8 月对本人来说,算是充实的一个月。在纽约3个星期,让我有时间好好充实自己,也让心情好好沉淀。旅途中的所见所闻,我也在部落各里与大家分享。不知道大家是否已经读腻了呢?我还有好多好多的事物想要与大家分享。神啊,请给我多一点时间!

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