This Autumn/Winter season, Shiseido suggests that we could go big on the eyes, using stronger and deeper eye colours matched with nude or lighter lip shades.

Like this:

I guess this is a great look for glamourous year-end parties.

I made use of the new Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour (in Purple Dawn) and Maquillage Essence Glamourous Rouge (in OR292) to create my own LOTD.

I matched the new Shimmering Cream Eye colour with the Maquillage Eyes Creator 3D in VI767 palette for the eyes.

A clearer look of the eye make-up – the deeper purple shade is from the latest shimmering cream eye colour.

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour (S$32) : This eye product was a surprise to me, for I have always known Shiseido eye makeup to be very light. You usually need to pile on the colour to get the payoff you require. The Shimmering Cream Eye Colour has a very smooth gel-like consistency and awesome colour intensity. One light swipe on the lid and you are almost ready to go.

A few key points here – because its smooth texture, there is almost no need for a primer. I was very comfortable blending the color with my fingers as the cream glided effortlessly on my eye lids. I wore the colour for a night out and it looked almost as good as new at the end of the party. All I added was a little bit of concealer before applying the cream eye colour.

There are a suite of 12 shades available in this range – while Purple Dawn (the one that I used) is a bit loud, you could also choose some more muted colours such as Tin (a beautiful blend of grey and silver), Meadow (a blend of beige and gold) or Sable (more taupe like).

I am a bit tempted to try the more outrageous look as suggested by Shiseido with the Purple Dawn eye colour. Not sure whether I have the guts to go wild. Should I?

Maquillage Essence Glamourous Rouge (S$43): I think I am now ready to make this claim that Maquillage lip products never disappoint! Each new release just gets better and better. My previous favourite Rouge Enamel Glamour has now been overtaken by this new Essence Glamourous Rouge! The new Rouge provides the same luscious effect as the previous Rouge Enamel Glamour, but it is more convenient, with a user-friendly applicator tip that fits your lip’s curvature. This is unlike the previous Rouge Enamel Glamour, where you apply the rouge first, and then add on a layer of gloss.

And similar to other Maquillage rouges, the Essence Glamourous Rouge is glossy but not sticky and does not sting or dry your lips. I was excited with the orange/coral shade that I chose (OR292) but when applied on my pigmented lips, the colour admittedly looked less coral and more pink.

Nonetheless, this is now my “go-to” rouge+gloss product. Especially for those who have yet to experienced Maquillage rouges, do consider giving it a shot !

资生堂及Maquillage皆推出秋冬彩妆系列。该品牌的创意总监Dick Page认为这一季崇尚令人“眼前一亮”的彩妆。秋冬季的服饰一般颜色较暗淡,因此可利用鲜艳的颜色将焦点转移至脸上的彩妆。这一季资生堂的 Shimmering Cream Eye Colour 眼影颠覆了品牌产品之前较轻盈柔和的色调。只要轻轻将眼影抹在眼皮上,颜色便立即鲜明突出。Maquillage则推出了新款唇彩Essence Glamourous Rouge。这次的新品比上一季的Rouge Enamel Glamour更为讨喜!Essence Glamourous Rouge 将唇彩以及唇蜜巧妙结合为 一,让使用者更能轻而易举取得即诱人又有光泽的双唇。

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