Vogue has revealed some of the Versace for H&M collection in their October issue. This collection will debut on November 19th, and Donatella Versace is designing a pre-spring collection due to release in January.

Model Shu Pei in a dress (US$149) and leggings (US$30) from Versace for H&M.

Studded leather jacket and dress. From Vogue Russia.

Floral print,s wild animal prints, Japanese patterns. From Vogue Russia.

According to The Fashion Spot, for the women collection, there will be around 40 pieces of apparel in exclusive materials like leather and silk, and 20 accessories.

  •   Dresses are in focus, ranging from short shifts cut to floor length goddess gowns.
  •   There will be usage of archive multi-color prints, such as Japanese patterns, Miami palms, wild animal prints and studs
  •   Classic Greek motifs, silver and gold metallic etc.
  •   There are also leather jackets decorated with gold studs and zips as well as leggings and jeans.
  •   For accessories, expect high heeled lace boots, sandals, bags.

For men, there will be around 20 pieces of apparel and 10 accessories.

  •   Sharp tailoring and a playful use of the house’s iconic prints such as palm and optical patterns on T-shirts as well as on thin-knit cashmere sweaters.
  •   A bomber jacket in velvet and a quilted leather jacket together with leather trousers both with gold studs.
  •   Jeans optical or in crocodile prints.
  •   Shirts with metallic wing- tips on the collars.
  •   Hats, caps, belts, shoes, scarves and a backpack.

There will also be a small home collection that comprises of two cushions as well as one bedspread in Versace iconography with multicolor floral Japanese fan print.

For more photos, check out my Facebook album.

This looks like an interesting collection. It feels like a retrospective of signature Versace style – loud, statement-making and very colorful. Do you like what you are seeing?

备受瞩目的Versace for H&M系列,终于在10月号的Vogue杂志稍微露了些端倪。当中不乏颜色抢眼的前卫设计。我们仿佛回到了Versace 90年代的设计。这一系列将在11月19日全球发售。相信下个月将有更多关于它们的新闻以及照片。请大家拭目以待!

Images: Syriously Fashion, TFS

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