I managed to snag an asymmetrical skirt at the Barney’s warehouse sale in New York last month and well, admittedly I didn’t realise that such skirts with irregular hemlines are an emerging trend!

As seen on the street during the Fashion Week season that just ended. (Photos: Harpersbazaar.com)

Besides the asymmetrical skirt, there is another variation known as the “Fish Tail”, where the longer hemline goes right at the back like a mini train.

As seen at Fashion Week again – the Fish Tail skirts. (Photos: Harpersbazaar.com)

Back to my buy from the Barney’s warehouse sale – the experience was unforgettable and deserves a separate story – this was how mixed and matched my outfit last night.

Silk top with accordion pleats: Moda International | Skirt: Richard Chai LOVE |
Skinny belt: ASOS | Booties: Camper | Necklace: Guess | Ring: Jive Design

This skirt was supposed to be asymmetrical by the side but I decided to turn it around and make it a fish tail.

That tail does kinda “flies”when I am brisk walking!

之前在纽约Barney’s清货大减价购入一件Richard Chai的不规则裙子。我承认我孤陋寡闻,但是没想到这战利品竟然是现今相当流行的潮流之一。一览时装周的街拍,不难发现许多时尚达人都选择不规则下摆裙子,或前短后长的曳尾裙。我的这件Richard Chai裙子可是斜下摆的,只要稍微一转,就能瞬间变成一件前卫飘逸的曳尾裙! 快步走起路时,尾边还有轻飘飘的感觉。想起之前在纽约牺牲睡眠,一大早起身“进攻”Barney’s,真是值得啦!

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