I have mentioned the wonderful Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers a number of times. I bought them from the drugstores when I was in New York and simply love the ease of use and the affordable price point. It’s like instant Minx and you don’t really need much skills, really!

Each box costs about US$10 and contain 2 sealed packs of nail stickers, a nail file, a stick and an instruction sheet.

Each pack contains 8 pieces of nail stickers of different sizes. One tip to really maximise your stickers is to allocate 2 nails to each sticker – just cut that sticker into half !

Remove the clear plastic strip and adhesive backing of the nail sticker. The sticker is now very thin and flimsy, so be gentle when handling it. Fit the rounded area of the sticker to the bottom of your nail, and wrap the extra top portion of the sticker to the end of the nail.

Use the flatter part of the stick to flatten the sticker. This is to ensure that there is no “bubble” formed when sticking the nail sticker and it adheres entirely on the surface of your nail. The sharper part of the wooden stick can be used to “cut away” the extra sticker that falls beyond your nail surface.

Use the nail file to file away the extra bits of the nail sticker.

This is my personal tip. To enable your stickers to last longer, use a hairdryer to warm the nails after you have applied the strips. I feel that the nail strips would adhere better and longer to the nails, using the rationale how the Minx stickers require treatment under the special heat lamp.

Tada… Gaga nails in a jiffy with no drying time required!

I really like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects for the price point and ease of use. The nail stickers typically beyond a week – although signs of wear of colour fade-off starts to show after about three days. To prolong the longevity of your nail strips, you could add a layer of top coat after application. And to remove them, just use your usual nail polish remover.

This is currently not available in Singapore although word has it that Watsons might be bringing them into our shores soon. Meanwhile, you can purchase them from Drugstore.com!

Here’s a photo of my previous Sally Hansen nails. This design is called “Cut It Out“.

This design is “Collide-O-Scope“. This photo was taken one week after application.

One word of caution though, I find the stickers with glittery bits, such as Frock Star, quite a mess with work with because it was really hard to peel off the top clear plastic layer and I often ended up tearing the sticker. If you are new to these, I would recommend you to avoid glittery ones such as Glitz Blitz, Frock Star and Bling it On.

在纽约乘机购买了好多 Sally Hansen Salon Effects美甲贴, 而且这是近期令我非常着迷的玩意儿!无须任何等待指甲油烘干的时间,而且步骤相当简单。每盒才大概10美元,可以用上两次。本人试用了几种不同的设计,推荐大家如果有兴趣的话,可以考虑购买那些印有图案的美甲贴,如Cut It OutCollide-O-Scope。那些闪闪的贴纸如Glitz Blitz, Frock StarBling it On都比较难使用,因为这些印有亮粉的贴纸太薄,很容易撕破。在此也附上本人小小贴士:若想要让你的美甲贴更加持久,在贴完后,可用吹风筒将指甲“吹干”。热气能够让贴纸的胶水更粘,更附和您的指甲。


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