I was introduced to Australian-based jewellery store Jive Design recently. What struck me at first glance was the stylish statement jewellery available in store.

Upon much exploration in their online store, I could almost find something for everyone. The owner, Jan Sinclair, sources personally covering Australia, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Israel, Thailand and Indonesia. Most of the pieces showcased on Jive Design are the handiwork of distinctive jewellery designers all over the world.

And the good news is..  Jive Design is organising a giveaway for MsGlitzy.com readers! Here are the steps:

1. Like Jive Design Facebook Page.

2. You will see a Wall Post on “Ms Glitzy Reader Giveaway”.

3. Post a comment on which jewellery piece you would like to win up to the value of AUD $350.

Deadline of the contest is 31st October 3pm Singapore time. Winner will be picked by the folks at Jive Design!

And in case you need some help in narrowing down your jewellery selection for this giveaway, here are some recommendations to help you with you decision-making.

(from left) Silver Gold Branch Earrings (AUD239), Turquoise and Sterling Freeform Ring (AUD325)

The Silver Gold Branch Earrings is calling my name! It looks exquisite and unique but it seems to be able to complement most outfits. On the other hand, the Turuqoise and Sterling Silver Ring oozes sophisticated bohemian appeal.

(from left) Floral Enamel and Sterling Hinged Bangle (AUD295), Silver Gold and Garnet Flower Ring (AUD345)

If you are in the mood for florals, the Enamel bangle feels like a mood uplifter because it looks so happy and upbeat. I appreciate the little dash of Swarovski crystals on the inset. Otherwise, you could be less conspicuous by opting for the flower ring (on the right). I am in love with the details on the ring that makes it look “raw” and organic.

(from left) Murano Santiago Necklace (AUD149), Murano Red Hope Necklace (AUD195)

The Murano Glass jewellery series might appeal to those looking for statement pieces. Be it the fierce serpent (Santiago Necklace) or the feminine heart (Red Hope Necklace), there is definitely something that suits your sartorial preference.

(from left) Silver 20 Strand Fluid Bracelet (AUD169), Leather and Silver Delgada Necklace (AUD325)

The above two options would be great for those who prefer simple and contemporary jewellery.

(from left) Semi Precious Sterling Stacked Ring (AUD59 each)

Or I could opt to keep it simple and choose three or four silver bands to DIY my own stacked rings!

For those who would like to pick something for your guy, or for my male readers out there, there is a pretty good collection of men’s jewellery, including cufflinks too!

Happy browsing for your desired item for this giveaway! If you are tied with too many choices, feel free to share that dilemma with me. I am always happy to help. And of course, good luck!

非常幸运能够与来自澳洲的Jive Design携手举办这次的送奖活动。只要加入它们的Facebook网页,并且在它们设有的”Ms Glitzy Reader Giveaway” wall post上回复您想赢取的首饰(价格不超过350澳元),就有机会梦想成真。我也借此为大家介绍几款不同的首饰,希望能够帮助您作最佳选择。


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