After viewing the teaser last week, have you had an inkling what the latest Glitz Channel episode would be about?

Well, as the “Red Lips” trend continues, we thought that it is essential to put together a video tutorial on how to rock this look. While many people had advised to go minimal on the eye makeup when wearing bright red rouge, Joy from the Style Atelier will talk us through how to wear eye shadow to complement the bold lip shade, as well share tips on applying the lipstick.

Do you have any question after watching the tutorial? Feel free to fire your question and we will get them answered!

Meanwhile, I would like to share with you a couple of behind-the-scene shots…

We showed you the makeup, but much effort was placed on the model’s hair too. Thanks Stylistry for his wonderful work on Sgprincess’ mane! Check out his previous tutorials on how to tie the power ponytail, and how to create a romantic chignon.

Everyone was hard at work, except me!

You can look as fabulous as Sgprincess too!

We are thinking of producing makeup/hair tutorial videos on a regular basis. So if you have any questions or topics in mind, please let me know!

PS: I have received tonnes of compliments on the Ms Glitzy Jingle. Once again, big thank-you to Only After Coffee for composing and producing this track!

上两季盛行的“红唇look”,接下来应该依旧火热。这次很荣幸能够请到来自Style Atelier的Joy与我们分享如何美美地展现艳红唇色。基本上,因为口红的颜色非常亮丽,在眼妆以及腮红方面,应该化得淡一些。在眼妆方面,Joy选用了褐色的眼影盘,使眼睛更加立体,但又不至于喧宾夺主。在假睫毛方面,Joy也选择自然不夸张的眼睫毛以衬托这样的妆容。

若有任何对于化妆或美发的问题,请留言!我们可以在往后的Glitz Channel影片与大家分享更多类似的课题!

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