Following my previous post featuring PINK things, I thought I should post up some of my favourite pink pieces from Versace for H&M.

Having previewed the collection at H&M showroom earlier this week, I think I am in love with a number of the dresses and printed pieces. And, the pink men’s leather oxfords are also very very tempting!

(clockwise from top left) Silk Fringe Dress S$349, Silk Studded Dress S$399, Pink Patented Leather Shoes S$199, Pink Leather Belt S$79.90, Mens Leather Oxfords S$159

I will share more about my upclose and personal experience with Versace for H&M collection soon. Stay tuned!

昨天刊登一篇关于”Go Pink“的文章,今天与大家分享我在Versace for H&M 系列所发掘的粉红色饰品。这个礼拜,有幸到H&M新加坡的展览室预览这个难得的限量系列。系列当中的许多连衣裙颇讨喜,除此之外,我也非常非常喜欢男装粉红色皮鞋。除了皮革的质料不错,款式也适合女生穿戴!

Images: H&M

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