Have you been thinking of changing your scent? Are you looking for a fragrance that makes you “sophisticated, glamorous and radiant”? Or do you simply want to smell as sexy as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Burberry Body. I’m sure Burberry is gonna sell many bottles of perfume with this ad!

(from left) Burberry Body, DKNY Golden Delicious

The two fragrances certainly stand at each end of the spectrum in terms of the shape of their bottles.

Burberry Body

The bottle is long, sleek and classy, with the characteristic Burberry check engraved in rose gold at the bottle cap. The woody scent indeed evokes sex appeal,  but in a refreshed and sophisticated manner – with top notes of fresh green absinthe, peach and freesia.

The heart notes of Body comprise of floral blends of rose and iris, as well as sandalwood; while woody cashmeran, vanilla, amber and musk form the base.

In short, this is a unique fragrance that is sensual, but oozes charm and modernity. Totally perfect for the woman on her night out.

EDP Retail Price: S$96 (35 ml), S$130 (60ml) and S$170 (85ml)

DKNY Golden Delicious

While Burberry Body featured Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the model for DKNY Golden Delicious is Lara Stone.

Compared to the mysterious Burberry Body, DKNY Golden Delicious is the exuberant and warm fragrance for a vibrant and active individual!

The scent is easily acceptable – with its slightly intense floral and fresh fruity appeal. Orange flower water, sparkling Mirabelle and the signature Golden Apple formed the top note, while the heart of the scent is supported the floral combination of white rose, casablanca lily, vanilla orchid and muget. A sensual blend of musk, sandalwood and teakwood form the base of Golden Delicious.

The result? A lavish and glamourous scent that is upbeat enough to give someone a good head start for the day.

EDP Retail Price: S$90 (50 ml), S$123 (100ml)

Which scent do you think define you better?

Burberry与DKNY最近皆推出新的香水。前者以性感女星Rosie Huntington-Whiteley为品牌宣传大使,后者则请了另一名模Lara Stone为广告主角。Burberry Body的香气如广告所呈现的感觉–神秘,性感,却不失典雅。DKNY Golden Delicious的香气则比较外放,有较浓烈的花香及水果香,让人精神一振,散发光芒。比较两种不同香水所体现的感觉,你认为哪一股香气比较适合你呢?

Images: Luxasia, Estee Lauder

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