I love looking at random fashion stuff on the web! I may not be a quirky dresser but I love to admire such items, sometimes have a good laugh or be inspired.

“Diamond Inside” Ring for those who do not want to be a show-off, but still wish to make the presence of that 0.5ct bling felt. [Source]

I think the shoe clip is such an ingenious idea! You can clip it at any part of your shoe (or even your outfit) for a different look. [Source]

Can you solve the equations on the Geek Watch? I am pretty good with Maths but all I can solve at first glance is that 3! and 5C2. Cube root of 1728 definitely requires a calculator. Blimey! [Source]

LED falsies. I don’t think these are for sale but they would have been great for Halloween. [Source]

I think I have a ear muffs fetish. I found this pair of crotchet ear muffs on Etsy, which is more affordable than the CA4LA ones that I recommended a while ago. [Source]

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我承认自己通常穿戴得事物都非常普遍通俗。其实如果花点时间上网搜寻以下,不难发现许多千奇百怪的时尚事物。即使不入手,也能够从中吸取一些灵感。现在最想找到的,是适合自己风格的shoe clip,不但能够让一双普通的鞋子有不同的“造型”,而且不会“撞鞋”!


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