I must admit, I had this product with me for a while but never had the time to really test it out. But when I finally did, I was really amazed!

Shu Uemura’s Face Architect Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation (S$78) is like an in-between of liquid foundation and compact foundation. The light and fluffy skin-coloured mousse could be the answer for those who dislike heavy liquid foundation, but find compact foundation too light for you.

It is available in 5 shades, so there should be one shade for everyone. I was using “5YR- medium light sand”.

How to apply

Shu Uemura’s instructions is to dispense an appropriate amount of mousse on to the palm of the hand, and apply on the face with a sponge or your fingertips (after your skin-care and prepping of course). For me, I found the best way to apply is to spray the product on the palm, allocate and dab the mousse on different parts of the face, then blend with a foundation brush.

I am using the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush (S$40), which is decent for all types of foundation. I think it has worked really well especially when I’m using a liquid foundation.


Whilst light, the mousse foundation was able to provide very good coverage. I didn’t need to use any concealer for my pimple scars or marks at all. The foundation also blended very well with my skin to provide a very smooth finish.

Because of its light and fluffy nature, the foundation felt very soft and natural on my face. It worked quite well on my oily skin and lasted for more than 8 hours with only little streaking. Oil control property was average, although there was no sticky feeling like other liquid or cream foundation. I wasn’t using any primer – just moisturizer and sunscreen before application. I also dusted some loose powder over the face to “hold” the foundation.

The only downside goes to the product design. It is hard to control the amount of mousse to dispense from the bottle. When I just needed a tiny ball to build coverage, out came a coin-sized ball when I pressed the nozzle. Also, I have read other reviews on how this mousse could be too dry for non-oily skin types. Nonetheless, if you have oily skin like mine, I would suggest giving this Mousse Foundation a try!

植村秀的mousse foundation(泡沫粉底),摆在家里好久,一直没有尝试。没想到,试过之后令我赞叹不已。这化妆产品,虽然轻盈,但是覆盖能力算挺强的。我完全不需要遮瑕膏,也能够掩饰脸上的一些豆疤。抹上泡沫粉底,再使用资生堂的Perfect Foundation Brush(化妆刷),妆容非常自然,却又能呈现无暇肌肤的“假相”。若你有较油性的肌肤,可考虑尝试这种粉底,植村秀的产品共有5种色调,适合各不同肤色。

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