October is over. We are officially left with 2 months for the year of 2011. What have you done this year? What have you NOT accomplished this year? Is it time for us to start reflecting and penning resolutions?

[16 October 2011] Photobooth fun at DKNY Jeans Party [link]

In the month of October, I attended the DKNY Jeans party at Paragon and met up with the other SG fashion bloggers! I hope no one felt that we were such photo-whores when Ridhwan, Laila, Sarah and I hogged the photobooth machine for a long long while!

Then, Sarah and I started trying the winterwear from DKNY Jeans. I love faux fur!

[28 October 2011] Whoa whoa, is this a pair of shoes or weapons? (photo from jakandjill.com) [link]

This pair of Chanel shoes are very sexy, aren’t they? From the Chanel Cruise 2009 collection, the “weapons” – someone’s shoes were actually confiscated at the customs before – were priced at 1,000 GBP.

[22 October 2011] I wanna drink tea with this adorable robot! [link]

[14 October 2011] TGIF! Take a look at these happy nails, inspired by Madagascar! (omnails.tumblr.com) [link]

[7 October 2011] Spy me at the KmartFashion video… I admit that I look the least fashion-forward in there..LOL! [link]

I miss NYC sooo much! This video captured some of my favourite sights and scenes of the city. I was approached by the KmartFashion crew while I was dressed in my corporate outfit. Honestly, when they asked me to describe what I was wearing, I had nothing much to talk about except my pretty Sally Hansen nails.

[2 October 2011] Baby Dior music box.. It plays German nursery rhyme! [link]

I can’t decide whether this is adorable or excessive. But it would certainly make a neat baby shower gift.

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2011年仅剩下2个月,似乎是回顾的时候了。在这一年,您实现了什么目标?又忽略哪一方面?被忽略的部分,还有2个月让我们好好去经营及实践。上个月,我出席了DKNY Jeans在百丽宫店内举行的派对,遇到了其他新加坡时尚博客。我已经好久好久没见到他们了,大家那天在一起都玩得很开心。我也很庆幸这个部落格让我遇到好多志同道合的新朋友!除此之外,我在Youtube上发现自己出现在KmartFashion的其中一支影片。这是之前在纽约时拍的。当时看上去就是标准上班族的我,简直与时尚插不上边儿。但是恰巧遇见他们工作人员,所以欣然接受他们的简短访问。 现在看完这段影片,真的好怀念纽约这繁花都市。不知道何时才能重返这城市。

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