For the month of November, Zara’s lookbook appeared distinctly different from previous months, the highlight were the soft prints and textures, deviating away from the bright colours and colourblock trends that were constantly showcased throughout the year.

What I took away from this lookbook is there is no rule in styling. I am sure most of us have similar pieces at home, but have never thought of putting them together in this manner.

1. Play with textures

Leather+Denim+Lace: The unlikely combination of casual and formal, hard and soft (I meant the fabric), feminine and rock chic. Defiant and individualistic.

Floral print + Lace + Feathers: Another case of casual meets luxe.

2. Prints on Prints on Prints

Snake print + Floral + Aztec : Mind-boggling but if you have the personality and appetite to make a fashion statement, why not?

Paisley + Checks : I always find Paisley prints hard to carry off but in this case, we have bohemian meets preppy, swirls versus lines. Do you like it?

3. Girl meets Boy

Wool+Silk+Studs: The outfit looked so womanly right till the studded ankle boots. This is almost similar to the idea of matching sneakers with dress! The base line, is just rock it!

Plaid+Skirt+Studs: I am guilty of only matching my plaid shirts with shorts or denim. It is high time to try pairing with this season’s favourite long skirts.

There is nothing that I wanna buy from Zara, yet so much new experimental ideas that I have gathered from the lookbook. What about you, do you like these looks?


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