I recently received a lovely surprise from Feiyue, a sneaker brand that originated from Shanghai in the 1920s, but has been developed since 2006 by a French company.

Interested to find out more about the Feiyue heritage, I had a conversation with a young Shanghainese.

Me: Do you know Feiyue?
Friend: No, who is this person?

I guess if Feiyue is a person, he or she would probably be a freedom loving trend-setter, very at ease with his or her comfortable style choices and is in love with whatever he or she is doing. After all, before its rebranding initiated by French entrepreneur Patrice Bastian in 2005, Feiyue brand was a go-to option for martial arts and athletes in China.

And well, my Shanghainese friend is obviously no athlete or martial arts expert.

Back to shoes, I was thrilled with my new royal blue canvas sneakers and was trying to conjure possible looks in my head. What about matching this pair of casual shoes with my burgeoning collection of dresses?

Like these looks from Chictopia:

Refreshing, isn’t it? It feels anti-fashion in some ways, but so comfortable and confident.

Or take a leaf off Bella’s Book – Kristen Stewart wears her canvas shoes to glamorous events.

I decided to kick-start my self-imposed fashion challenge with something easy – my favourite H&M floral shirt dress vs the canvas sneakers, with guest appearance of my new Rayban aviators that I bought from Bluefly.

I will try out more options and hopefully post more sneakers + dress outfits. Thinking back, besides the new Feiyue’s, I have quite a number sneakers such as the Camper baby pink shoes and Monki high cuts to play with!


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