I have heard of “Bistro Du Vin” a number of times, but I never knew that it was such a cozy eatery nestled at the back alley of a shopping mall along the glitzy Orchard Road. For that split moment, I thought I was transported across time and continent ala “Midnight in Paris”, a film by Woody Allen.

I love the quaint European decor of this casual restaurant owned by the Les Amis Group.

The menu was typical and authentic French fare. Expect items such as the escargots, onion soup, pan fried foie gras, wine braised beef cheeks and a list of irresistible French desserts especially the souffle, fondant chocolate cake and creme brulee.

I ordered my all-time favourite comfort food – the Pan Fried Foie Gras with Caramelized Onions and Medjool Dates (S$22). This was an appetizer portion (100g) but the foie gras was literally melt-in-the-mouth goodness, well matched by the juicy and zesty dates.

Next up – Burgundy Escargots with garlic and herbs (S$14). I thought $14 for 6 huge escargots was quite value for money. This was as good as the other escargots dishes I had tried in Singapore, but not really out-of-the-world.

I didn’t really hadroom for a main dish because I wanted to savour the tantalising desserts! I had to order the Au Marnier Souffle with Vanilla Ice Cream (S$10) although I was really tempted to try the Fondant Au Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream (S$9) and Creme Brulee (S$8) too.

You need to wait at least 20 minutes for the Au Marnier Souffle, so do place your order early. It is definitely worth the wait. The warm and fluffy souffle was well baked with Grand Marnier, an orange liquer. While I am hardly a fan of alcohol, I found the souffle really delightful. My dessert was warm, comforting, moist and flavourful. Alright, I managed to use 4 adjectives in one sentence. To metaphorise it further, it felt like the happy and light-hearted finale of a long and eventful dream.

The Pear Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream (S$8) was delectable too. The crust was airy and crispy, and complemented well with the crunchy pear slices. The vanilla ice-cream was homemade and simply flawless.

It was such a pleasant dinner experience. I love the warm yellow lighting, red wall, grey marble tables and vintage wooden chairs in the bistro. It felt like one of the scenes of “Midnight in Paris”, probably during the Twenties. It would be better if there was a live jazz corner, or a pianist playing the playful tunes of Ravel or Debussy.

While I returned to the bright lights of Orchard Road post dinner, the rustic French experience continued to linger. I know I will be back to try out more offerings in their menu. After all, Bistro Du Vin also serves a value-for-money 3 course lunch set at $30++ every day.

Bistro Du Vin
1 Scotts Road
#02-12 Shaw House
Tel: +65 6733 7763
Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 10pm

反复听过Bistro Du Vin这餐厅的名字,却没想到它虽然位于繁华绚丽的乌节路,气氛是那么的朴实诚恳。一踏入这餐厅,仿佛穿越时空以及地域,来到了法国巴黎。里头的装潢都弥漫着旧式巴黎烂漫的气息。一个人,可以静静地喝着红酒,细细品尝相当道地的法式美食。爱吃甜食的我,当然不会错过这里的法式甜点。Au Marnier Souffle with Vanilla Ice Cream (S$10)需要20分钟准备,但绝对值得等待。温热的Souffle,一咀嚼就能品尝浓郁的橘子酒香。搭配店里自制的香草雪糕,一温一冷的交错,非常耐人寻味。Souffle原本就是一种很梦幻的甜点,因为一出烤箱没多久,就会塌下来,得捉紧时间在香味散尽之前把它好好地享受一番。而这里的Au Marnier Souffle算是一场不可思议的美梦吧!

除了甜点之外,店里的前菜与主菜都是非常经典的法式佳肴,价位也相当合理。这里每天都提供诱人的午间套餐。前菜,主菜及甜点只需$30++, 非常值得。若在繁忙的乌节路需要一个与世隔绝的角落憩息,位于Shaw House的Bistro Du Vin是最恰当不过的选择。

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