I was hardly a user of liquid foundation because while such foundation provides very smooth finish, I wasn’t comfortable with the thick consistency of the product that I was using many years ago.

But well, technology advances over the years, so do cosmetics. Today, I would like to introduce two brands of liquid foundations that are rather light in texture but provide silky smooth finish. In fact, I think I am rather convinced that mousse or liquid foundation is the way to go.

(from left) Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation ($56 for 30ml), Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation (S$60, 30ml)

For the Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation, I am using Shade O20. For Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation, I use Shade 110. These 2 shades are very very alike.

Packaging and Price

Although both packaging contain 30ml of product, Shiseido’s bottle is palm-size and more compact and friendly on the cosmetic pouch. Nonetheless, some might comment that Shiseido’s product looks “cheaper” in its plastic casing, as compared to Clarins’ (heavier) glass bottle.

Consistency and Texture

While the shades from both brands are closely similar, the textures are quite different. Shiseido’s Perfect Refining Foundation is more watery, while Clarin’s Skin Illusion Foundation is thicker and more creamy.

Another point to note, Shiseido’s Perfect Refining Foundation contains SPF 15, while Clarin’s Skin Illusion Foundation contains SPF 10. Both foundations provide basic sun protection and in my opinion, the SPF 5 difference is not material.

Both foundations have silky and smooth texture that you can’t quite tell the difference when I applied the different brands on each side of my face.

This was taken after I have applied the liquid foundations. I applied Shiseido’s foundation on the left side of my face, and Clarins’ foundation on the right.


For those who are blessed with flawless skin or light scars, the advantage of using a liquid foundation is that it is easy to build coverage, so you could skip the concealer altogether.

In this area, I feel that Clarins Skin Illusion has better coverage properties compared to Shiseido’s Perfect Refining Foundation. The Shiseido version is thinner and slightly more runny, with a powdery finish. Clarins’ product, whilst slightly thicker in terms of texture, is able to cover up my light acne scars in a jiffy and still feels lightweight.

Final look – I went out with two types of foundation and honestly, no one could tell the difference!

Oil Control

Both foundations are able to endure a basic 7-8 hour wear. I have oily to combination skin and there is a need for me to blot after 5-6 hours when I wear both brands.


It is hard to compare these two products because I found both closely similar and are equally decent liquid foundations. However, my preference goes to the Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation for the overall dewy finish and ease of use. I found its thicker texture easier to blend and control. Also, this foundation gives my skin a more perfect and smooth texture.

Additional Notes

For best coverage and finish, I recommend that you apply your liquid foundation with a flat-top brush. I am currently using the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush (S$40).

Also, to “hold” your liquid foundation, I would suggest dusting your face with loose powder before you apply any powder blush, eye shadow etc. I wouldn’t recommend applying the compact over liquid foundation though, because it could make you appear overly made-up.

我在若干年前使用过粉底液,当时觉得这玩意儿太黏,虽然能够呈现无瑕疵的肌肤,但似乎会导致毛孔堵塞,而且给人感觉施粉太厚。当然,过了几年,科技日新月异,化妆品也推陈出新。最近收到的两家品牌的粉底液,用起来都不黏不堵,而且肌肤看起来非常柔滑自然。资生堂的Perfect Refining Foundation粉底液较薄,覆盖能力较逊色于娇韵诗Skin Illusion Foundation。虽然本人较喜欢娇韵诗这款新出炉的粉底液,还是想要把这两个不错的产品推荐给大家。

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