Some of you might have received my tip-off in July – that acclaimed film director Wong Kar Wai was invited to create an exclusive makeup collection for Shu Uemura this holiday season. At long last, the collection has been unveiled, and will be on sale from 11 November onwards!

Model Eleanor showcased the dramatic “rouge et bleu” look conceptualised by Wong at a media launch last month.

Inspired by a poem written by Charles Bukowski “Burning in water, drowning in flame”, this collection is an intense play of the colours red and blue. In a poetic manner, the collection is inspired by “a portrait of the liberating passion deep within our hearts, which reinvents ourself with sparks of red passion that slowly burn… until they overflow. Gently they enwrap the entire body.. burning like ice, drowning in fire”.

There are 2 eye and cheek palettes in this collection – one is the “bleu” palette and the other is the “rouge” palette. The rouge palette consists of gold eye colour base and 3 shades of pink and purple. Each palette will retail at S$115.

One selling point of this collection is its holographic packaging. If you tilt the eye and cheek palette at different angles, different images will appear. Such ingenuity!

There are two types of false eyelashes in this fantasy collection. The one in the above picture is the natural false eyelashes, priced at $45. It is still no less cinematic, with little crystals embedded at the base. The second pair of eyelashes, known as the premium false eyelashes, is the one that Eleanor wore (refer to main picture) – very dramatic yet beautifully exquisite. That pair is priced at $125.

I also like the makeup brush set (S$125), that comes together with a dreamy gold case, totally befitting of Wong’s nostalgic and neo-noir visual style. The gorgeous collection also features a glitter gold mascara (S$45) and a face glowing powder (S$65).

There are also two nail polish sets – the rouge and the bleu. The rouge set comprises of shimmery deep red polish with gold glitter top coat while the bleu one consists of a deep blue polish and silver glitter top coat. Each set costs $49.

Such breath-taking collection, don’t you think? The magic doesn’t stop here. In conjunction with the launch, Wong created an exclusive 45-second short film titled “Mask”. I am compelled to quote the press release again on this “lush visual poem”.

A fantasia rich with emotions, “Mask” is a dance between the extreme heat of passion and a sea of calm, climaxing in a glittering shower of healing beauty.


亚洲知名导演王家卫受邀为化妆品牌植村秀设计今年假日彩妆系列。左盼右盼,这一系列终于隆重登场,并且将于11月17日开始售卖。这一彩妆系列可说延续王导一贯梦幻、超现实的艺术风格。受著名美国诗人Charles Bukowski的诗集 “Burning in water, drowning in flame”所启发,整个系列的主要颜色为蓝色以及红色。闪银蓝的眼影展示生命的能量,红唇则散发热情,整体系列显示女性娇艳妩媚的一面。


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