OMG, I was immersed in hunky-dory heaven this afternoon. Right at our shores, outside the yet-to-be opened Abercrombie & Fitch store at Knightsbridge, Orchard Road.

How not to feel excited when you see some 40 chiseled bodies greeting you at Orchard Road?

Apparently these 40 guys are specially selected from all over the world – USA, Japan, Spain, England, France, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. And 5 out of the group of 40 are from Singapore!

The hunks will be standing outside the store for everyday from 1-7pm till Wednesday, 14 December. The first Abercrombie & Fitch store in South-East Asia opens at Knightsbridge (270 Orchard Road) on Thursday, 15 December at 10am. This would be a 4-floor flagship boutique and the second largest fast-fashion boutique here after H&M

Now, the question is – Do we really want the store to open?  Or do we prefer to have this hunky “installation” all year long? 🙂

今天中午,新加坡在乌节路逛街的女生们,芳心大概都被40余名猛男给虏获了。为了倒数Abercrombie & Fitch旗舰店登陆新加坡,这些身材姣好的猛男,从今天中午开始,在位于乌节路Knightsbridge的Abercrombie & Fitch外面站着,并与路人交流拍照。若你今天错失了与他们相遇的机会,从明天至下周三,每天下午一点至7点将能看到他们魁梧的身影。

东南亚首家Abercrombie & Fitch旗舰店将在下周四于Knightsbridge隆重开张。这将是一家4层楼的专卖店,面积可媲美同样在乌节路的H&M。


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