With 2011 winding down, it’s time to review what was shared over here during the past year. I have put together a snapshot of the popular posts this year. As some of the top few placings were taken up by my older posts (such as the Wavy Bob entry), I have selected 7 entries that were posted this year and have gained much love and attention from you guys!

No 7: White by Vera Wang – Affordable Bridal Collection

This year, I started sharing more information on bridal collections. I hope all of you liked reading them as much as I love researching on gowns and gushing at beautiful bridal photos.

No. 6: Battle of the Sunblocks: Clarins vs Shiseido vs Elizabeth Arden vs Kiehl’s

I believe I had waged a few wars this year – from sunblock, blue eye shadows, lip glosses to liquid foundations. I had fun comparing different products and getting know different brands and their offerings better. And going back to the topic on sunblock, I am still using the Shiseido and Clarins sunblock that I raved about now!

No. 5: Coach Fall 2011 Collection – Preview

This year, I was introduced to the Coach brand. While the Fall 2011 Collection garnered quite a number of views, I personally enjoyed my little trip to Coach office in New York, where I discovered so many gems in their archive!

No 4: What should Tin Pei Ling, Nicole Seah and Glenda Han wear tomorrow?

Also jumped on the General Elections bandwagon and wrote a wee humour piece with some “fashion” perspective. It remains as one of my favourite posts this year!

No 3: Abercrombie & Fitch opens on 15th Dec in Singapore.. Meanwhile Check Out the Hunks!

Considering that this was written in December this year, I believe my entry on Abercrombie is popular because it was literally the hot topic in Singapore! How often do we get 40 hunks parading around town in only sweatpants and slippers? When visiting an Abercrombie & Fitch store here, don’t forget to pose for a free polaroid with the resident hunk!

No. 2: H&M Singapore Opens on Sep 3rd – Price List

Besides Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M also hit our shore this year. It was an exciting year for me as a blogger as I had the opportunity to visit the brand’s showroom in Hong Kong and Singapore, and experienced the Versace for H&M collaboration here. I am so excited about the Marni collaboration next year!

No. 1: Up Close and Personal with The Cambridge Satchel Company (TCSC) Bags

What was supposed to be a simple preview, ended up with me going crazy over the fine leather satchels and even went to the extent of conjuring a mock interview with the bags. I had received a couple of comments that cast doubt on my maturity level but I hope you guys found the snippets of information useful when shopping for the right size and shade. I really relished that sudden spurt of craziness when I was blogging about the satchels too.

Thanks for your support and blog love during this wonderful year and I am certain that 2012 will be an even more exciting year for all of us!



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