Some of you might know that I am a late bloomer when it comes to shoes. Well, because of my height, I have been wearing flats for the bulk of my life. I switched to wearable heels some 5 years ago.

I have always believed in comfort over looking good. Even when I travel, I would pack the more comfortable over a beautiful pair of shoes because high heels take up too much luggage space. Imagine my astonishment when two of my girlfriends paused during our little walk from Soho to Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong, fished out their power stilettos (Jimmy Choos and the likes) from their bags and changed from flats to heels pronto! Instantly, they looked so much sexier, ready to hit the club!

I realised I might have missed some really important life experience here. Stilettos is an art to walk in, but they indeed do wonders to the charm and poise of a woman. With that in mind, I started to view the Jimmy Choos, Christian Louboutins, Manolo Blahniks  etc really differently. Yes, they are still uncomfortable and not suited for substantial walking but they accentuate your appeal when worn at the right time.

And ladies and gentlemen – this leads me to gush about the upcoming Spring/Summer collection of Christian Louboutin.

The upcoming collection is quite a pleasant sight. There are several beautiful and fun elements, and they look all set to nail your outfits. I am awed by the gold glitter and spikes heels above, which cost S$4400 by the way.

Close-up of the Trash Makeup shoes. Do you spot the powder puff?

The really loud Loubi Zeppa wedges.

The fluorescent Pigalle heels, priced at $1100. Fluorescent shoes is one of the top items on my 2012 wishlist.

This pair of Neoprene booties look comfortable enough for walking!

So excuse me while I head back to browse my new shoe options. Perhaps it’s time to plan your shopping list for the brand new year!

我对于鞋子这玩意儿的见识并不是很深。因为人高马大,从小到大都穿平底鞋,直到大概5年前才开始尝试普通的高跟鞋。一直来对于细跟鞋子都没太大的欲望,总觉得看上去不太舒适而没去理睬它。直到之前在香港与女性朋友到兰桂坊泡吧的时候,她们在步入夜店之前各自从包包里掏出“压箱宝”-细跟高跟鞋。最惊人的是,一换上鞋子,她们犹如变了一个人似的,散发出性感的气质。自此之后,本人终于理解到细跟高跟鞋当中的奥妙,也开始对它产生了微妙的情愫。来到了 Christian Louboutin明年春夏季的系列,不难发现当中包括许多既可爱又性感的高跟鞋。在欣赏的当儿,我也开始规划明年的购物清单。荧光色的高跟鞋,以及一双百搭的细跟鞋,应该都会出现在单子上吧。

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