As Christmas is approaching, I have resurrected my Christmas Wish List section again. This year, I invited my personal friends, who also write fantastic blogs, to contribute their lists.

Our first contributor for this year is Rachel, the writer of The Pleasure Monger. Rachel was my classmate in high school. She did a lot better at the Home Economics classes than me, so it was no surprise to see her whip up a storm in the kitchen and tantalise us with beautiful photos and recipes of the desserts (especially macarons) that she had made on her blog. Rachel was based in London and is now relocating to Boston. I am sure we will see more interesting food and baking posts on her blog when she settles down at her new location.

Some of you may know that I’m mostly obsessed with food, particularly baking, but a little known fact is that I love fashion and beauty as well. So imagine my glee when MsGlitzy asked me if I would like to write up a Christmas wish list, comprising the three very things that I love. After all, this could double up as a very big and public hint to my husband, or perhaps a very generous Santa…yes?

1. Fashion: Toscana shearling and leather jacket by Aminaka Wilmont

I currently live in the blistering cold, and I find it rather challenging to look stylish and stay warm at the same time. In the cooler climate during spring and summer, I tend to go simple on the inner layers, and if its gets chilly, I rely on well-cut blazers, jackets and light outerwear to sharpen my outfits. Come autumn and winter however, it burns the pocket to fork out for an assortment of heavyweights such as warm jackets and coats, and I have to admit that I own all of five frumpy, this-matches-everything-I-own ones including a bulbous monster that makes me look like a giant snowball. But no one has said that it’s a crime to drool over this beauty from Aminaka Wilmont. I am a big fan of layering with different textures, and this leather and shearling jacket is just the very thing that I would like to have in my wardrobe. It screams luxe and rock chick all at once, whilst maintaining a suitably understated feminine look with its black trimmings and slim cut. Retailing at £1990 on Net-A-Porter, it is breathtakingly expensive, so this is likely to remain a wish and only ever a wish on my list.

2. Beauty: Bronze Shimmer Brick by Bobbi Brown

I have lusted after this ever since its first release in 2001, yes, for all of ten years! I am born with and stuck with a pale complexion (I am not comfortable with fake tans, and I just can’t tan naturally), and would really love something to make me look less dead and more alive. I was commuting one day and watched a lady transform her pale alabaster skin to one that effuses a warm glow with enviable contours using a bronzer, and this made me want the Bronze Shimmer Brick by Bobbi Brown even more. The only reason why I haven’t got it is, every time I walk up to the counter, I would somehow guilt myself into not buying it because I don’t want to spend too much money on make up.

3. Food: Pastry program with Le Cordon Bleu

I am a self-taught home baker, and have progressed from an amateur to someone who knows a teeny tiny bit more about baking. I have made a foray into French pastries such as macarons (pictured above) and entremets, but there is only so much I can learn on my own. It is my dream to enrol into pastry school at Le Cordon Bleu to further my skills. The courses are rather expensive, to my dismay, so I’ll keep this on my list till I’ve saved up for it.

So that’s it, my three items on the wish list! What are yours, and what do you hope and dream for in the new year? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!

Image credit: Net-A-Porter, Bobbi Brown, The Pleasure Monger

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