I have a confession to make. I have a love-hate relationship with the smoky eyes. In the earlier days (before I even started blogging), I tried fiddling with it and those pair of eyes looked like “smoky gone wrong”. Only through more exposure to different blogs, makeup brands and workshops, I began to understand how to blend, how to shape and how there is no rule in makeup. Yes, if you are confident enough, you could rock the Panda eyes too.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is, The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes might be suitable for those who are like me – curious about the smokies but hesitate to take that step forward.

The palette is available in 2 shades – Golden Brown and Silver Black. Each palette comes with 4 eye colours, a mini brush and a pencil eye liner. This retails at S$39.90.

I just followed the instructions at the back of the box to do a wee smoky eye with the Golden Brown palette. The colours looked more intense in real life.

If you have oily eyelids like me, here’s another tip. Apply a primer on your lids before applying the eye shadows. The primer smooths the surface and holds the eye makeup better. I used the L’Oreal Base Magique, although sometimes, I just apply concealer which works but does not work as well as a primer.


1. Colour pay-off is good. And it is very easy to blend the light and dark shades together.

2. The small brush is quite handy, although it is not as sturdy as the standard blending brush.

3. The “highlight” eye shadow (the fourth colour) is actually a cream shimmer rather than eye shadow. You could use it as a all-over-the-face shimmer, or highlight certain areas of the eye for additional pizzazz.

4. The whole palette is small and travel-friendly. You can have contoured eyes whereever you go!

5. Attractive price point and decent quality. Perfect Christmas gift for girlfriends!


1. The eyeliner pencil doesn’t quite glide smoothly and its colour is not intense as I would have loved it to be. I used the pencil for drawing the waterline but I foresee that in future, I would skip the pencil and use a liquid eyeliner instead.

Verdict? If you need a simple and basic smoky eye kit to experiment the look, this is a good starting point.  Tip: Start applying small areas and add on the colour gradually, according to your comfort level. Have fun and let’s all rock that look this party season!

我对眼妆这玩意儿只是略知一二。之前对于烟熏妆特别好奇,可是试了几次,化起来像熊猫多过烟熏,结果惨不忍睹。经过多次的学习以及观摩,才略懂当中的诀窍。The Body Shop在年底派对季节推出了烟熏眼影盘,非常适合新手使用。因为价格非常合理,而且颜色及质感比一般平价化妆品来得好。只要根据印在盒子上的指示上色,就能够化出合格的小烟熏。除了适合新手,这也可以是送给姐妹淘的圣诞礼物之一。

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