After posting the ponytail and chignon hairstyle videos, I received some feedback that we should discuss how to style shorter hair length. And given that we are now at the year-end festive season, I have invited Stylistry to interpret possible party hair-dos for the bob style.

Here’s the transition in photo: my normal bob, the super voluminous “free-style” wavy bob that gave me shock and a slightly subdued up-do look that is spiffy, and concealed some roundness of my face as compared to a typical tight bun.

If you would like to replicate such a hairstyle, do practise before the actual event. All you need is the thermal fixing mist (which is like a heat protectant for the hair), styling spray and the hair dryer! Of course, the bobby pins too because I used up so many for that little up-do.

Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to post comments or feedback on the hairstyles, or what you hope to see on Glitz Channel in future! Happy holidays!

PS: In case you were wondering about my makeup in the video – I was using WKW for Shu Uemura Rouge (Purple) palette, Clarins Barocco Face Palette and Lanvin for H&M Rose Lipstick.

前些时候制作了如何DIY长发马尾以及烂漫发髻的视频,之后得到一些读者的建议,希望我们能够讨论如何为短发设计更多不一样的发型。 这一次,我们通过视频可以学习如何自己DIY蓬松的短卷发,以及如何将短发稍微束起,但不会使脸部看起来过于圆润。希望这个视频对于您的年底派对造型有帮助!

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