I was sorting out my photos and some outfits-que photos that could be posted on this blog. But they were taken a while back in Hong Kong or New York. I don’t really wanna sound like a broken record reminiscing my experience in those countries. As if you haven’t heard enough of it already.

So, this post shall be about some of my purchases in 2011. Kinda like a year in review. Except that it comes with photos of me wearing them when I was traveling. Same same but different. 🙂

1. Silk Scarf from Taobao

<< My friend helped me ordered this little silk scarf from Taobao, which has been perfect in accentuating basic outfits. I typically twist them and then tie a little knot, to give it a more nautical feel.

I do wonder sometimes if it would make me look like an air stewardess reject if it goes wrong though.

On another note, I love that pair of jeans and gold loafers that I wore in New York (above picture). The denim was a 2011 acquisition too, from Esprit. A well-cut jeans is very important and sometimes brand doesn’t matter, but the cut does.

That golden loafers from Target.com? It no longer exist. It was so badly beaten by my frequent walks around Manhattan that I had to throw them away when I was there. Sniff. RIP.

2. Bandage Dress from Victoria’s Secret

I bought this bandage dress online and got it delivered to my hotel in New York. It is different from my usual dress style and I love it! Should have worn this dress when I went to meet the Abercrombie hunks.. hehe.

3. Red Jeans from Oasis

I believe this pair of red jeans requires no introduction by now. It is my favourite jeans of the year and I think I really need to expand my collection of coloured bottoms! And I love the combination of leather motorcycle jacket with red jeans. Sense some badass “I’m gonna eat you, Lobster” appeal?

So, what are some of your favourite fashion acquisitions this year?

一年一眨眼就过去。今年入手的新品当中,哪些物品深得你心?今年, 本人入手的服饰算多,也觉得件件买得非常值得。恰巧有些穿着新品的照片之前没与大家分享,于是乘机在2011年结束之际刊登出来。大家或许也可以回顾一下今年的购物战绩,并开始好好规划明年的“策略”。


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