I was shooting a new episode for Glitz Channel over the weekend and this was my outfit for the video.

Kimono top: H&M | Jeans: Courtesy of Uniqlo | Ruffle Flats: Mossimo | Bag: Tod’s

The kimono top was a steal from Hong Kong. At a superb markdown price of HKD100 (SGD 17), it was swift purchase decision that I think could go down to my personal history book as a proud shopaholic moment for the year of 2011. I had a late meeting till 9.30pm before I trooped across the street to the H&M store at Central. Half an hour later, I emerged with 3 pieces of apparel, each discounted at HKD100.

And did I mention that I love its silky drape and retro print?

And you may be wondering, what happened to my usual bob? I had a little up-do for the upcoming video. Stay alert for it as we go through the hairstyle step-by-step.

Last but not least, remember to take part in the US$1000 shopping voucher giveaway! The contest is closing in a few days’ time.

上周末为Glitz Channel拍摄新的视频,穿了这套衣服。上衣是H&M打折时购入的,算是我在2011年入手的“新货”当中最价廉物美的之一。您或许也有些惊讶,我的发型是怎么一回事?在下一集的Glitz Channel视频,您将了解如何自己DIY类似发型。或许对即将出席圣诞派对的您有帮助!

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