I was introduced to Shu Uemura‘s upcoming Spring/Summer makeup collection a couple of weeks ago and the photo below says it all: Go Crazy on Pastels!

The colour shades available in this collection are all upbeat and cheery, such as bright pink, coral, pastel green, yellow and violet.

Each eye palette has a shade of brown, as well as a shimmery shade and a matte pastel colour. The Eyeshadow Trio will retail at S$65.

Another product that I really would recommend is the Creamy Dome Cheek (S$39)! Available in 2 shades – fairy pink and sunlight peach – this cream blush is easy to apply as you just roll on directly on your cheeks! No brush or fingers required, totally a convenient blush for ladies on the go!

There was a live makeup demonstration at the event with Shu Uemura’s makeup expert working on the Spring/Summer makeup collection.

Closeup of the finished look – a good play of violet and blooming pink shades, with added sparkle from the bottom lashes.

This is another violet look, but if you look closely at the eye makeup, there is also a blended addition of shimmery green and sherbert orange.

Shu Uemura has also suggested some makeup looks based on their upcoming collection. For more details, refer to my Facebook album here!

植村秀最近举行了2012年春夏季彩妆介绍会。名为“云端綺想” (Celestial Garden) 的限量系列,充满春天活泼调皮的气息。春夏彩妆的主轴,是3款为蓝紫色系、绿黄色系、橘粉色系的眼影盘,分别名为「晴空微风Air」、「晨曦草原Light」,以及「恬静花蕾Scent」。本人非常喜欢的产品则是新出炉的颊彩霜,只需轻轻一抹,脸颊就呈现甜美的色调, 不需要化妆刷或手指调和,非常适合经常出国的女生!泡泡颊彩霜共推出2种色彩,分别是粉红色以及粉橘色,价格为新币39元。


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