I have two Denim secrets to share with all of you today. The first is on Wrangler’s reversible jeans and the second, this amazing little studs known as Hem Gems! You might need them after you have gotten your new pair of jeans … just saying!

1. Wrangler in Singapore

Wrangler opens its Singapore flagship store at ION Orchard at Basement Level 2.  While this is not a huge store, there are some unique denim offerings that utilise its innovative denim technology.

What really interest me is the fully reversible jeans for women. At S$219, there is a darker blue shade, and an antique wash which you can alternate. And having tried them in the fitting room, I can attest that the jeans are comfortable to wear in both ways. Now, no one would know if you have been wearing that same pair of jeans for the entire week or month… although I don’t encourage you to do that for obvious hygiene reasons.

2. Hem Gems

You know how the hem length can be troublesome, because we need them longer when we are wearing our 3 inches heels, and shorter when we are wearing our flats. So, Hem Gems is this nifty set of 8 rivets that allow you to adjust the hem of your denim in a stylish manner.

As you can see from the above video, the rivets are similar to stud earrings, where you pin through the denim and fasten it with the stopper. While the downside is to create little holes on your jeans, this is a neat way to adjust the denim length according to your footwear without having to cuff them.

Priced at $36 for a pack of eight, Hem Gems is available at Garage at Orchard Central, selected Dorothy Perkins outlets, as well as Maternity Exchange.

Last but not least…

With a pair of reversible jeans and a pack of Hem Gems, you are ready to travel light for your short NYE getaway! I can imagine how you can wear the same pair of jeans with different shoes – your new buys during your trip – and you could look sharp all the time because your denim length just fits right to the tee.

Well, your style secret is safe with me.. and all MsGlitzy.com readers. 🙂

穿牛仔裤的哲学,您知道多少?最近美国牛仔裤品牌Wrangler进驻新加坡,虽然旗舰店的面积不大,但算五脏俱全。当中双面穿着女装牛仔裤最引我注意。一件双穿,可顺不同场合搭配衣服,适合出国旅游时携带。当然,女生们在购买裤子时常常烦恼长度的问题。因为裤子的长短需要根据鞋子鞋跟的高矮而改变。最近市面上出现了非常实用的Hem Gems牛仔裤钉,让您能够随着鞋跟的高矮改变牛仔裤的裤长。非常轻便实用,出国的时候也能随心所欲地穿上新买的鞋子,再也不需要顾虑到裤长的问题。

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