Because of my perpetual eye bags and dark eye circles, I have been trying tonnes of eye products over the past year. It doesn’t help that my eye area is ultra sensitive, and breaks into milia seeds or little rash rather easily.

Over the tonnes of eye products that I have tried, I have picked three mid-range products – similar in pricing but of different nature and are suitable for different purposes.

(from left) Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream, Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Eye Concentrate, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream (S$78 for 15 ml)

This product is newly launched in December 30, and I have been trying it for the past 3 weeks. Leveraging on Shiseido’s successful White Lucent whitening range, the Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream promises to diminish your dark eye circles caused by both melanin pigmentation and poor microcirculation.

This is one of the lightest eye cream I have experienced, which gave me a peace of mind and allayed some fears of possible milia seed invasion. Whilst light in texture and easily absorbed to the skin, I wasted no time in massaging the product every day and night to ensure that there is no remnant of the cream lying at the folds of my eye. Massaging helped to improve circulation and de-puffed my eye bags a little but I could see my perpetual eye circles looking somewhat diminished in 3 weeks.

The Shiseido folks encouraged us to use it after applying the White Lucent softener to the eye area. I have tried with both ways, with and without the softener and I think I could see results both ways.

Of course, if you are a White Lucent user, the existing product range has the capabilities of reducing dark eye circles too. But for those whose eye area is as sensitive as mine, the eye cream is probably still your best bet in combating eye circles without experience any other “bumpy” consequences.

Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Eye Concentrate (S$93 for 15 ml)

Perhaps, dark eye circles isn’t really your issue. Then strike the Shiseido White Lucent Eye Cream off your list. Do you have puffy eyes or thick eye bags that threatened to extend right to your cheeks?

Unfortunately, my eye bags are just like that – I could probably slot a 5 cent or 10 cent coin if they morph into coin pouches.

And to combat the problem, I would suggest the Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Eye Concentrate – I could see an improvement with my puffy eyes within a couple of days. However, the cream has high alcohol content and might not work well with sensitive eye area. I applied using the silver tip applicator and massage the cream using the steps I learn at La Mer workshop and it seemed to work rather well in terms de-puffing and hydrating.

As this is meant to be an anti-aging eye product, one of its purposes is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I do not have fine lines at my eye area, thus I couldn’t quite gauge its effect.

A tip here, this product is easily available in sample size. So, I would advise you to try the sample first because committing a purchase, given its alcohol content.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye (S$78 for 15ml)

I like the whole concept of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery range – that it is 99.8% naturally derived from plant essential oils. I am convinced that natural oils is capable of healing and improving our skin conditions, saving us from any chemical impact. Also, the Midnight Recovery Eye product is paraben-free, fragrance free and mineral oil-free. It emits a really pleasant and rejuvenating scent from the plant oils which I really enjoyed.

While I buy into this whole idea, the product didn’t really de-puff my under eye area immediately. I believe due to its natural ingredients, you would need to have more patience with this product. It has a slightly rich texture, which was why I was careful to apply only a very small pearl size and massage it at the eye area. The product is quite hydrating and I think it might be the perfect eye cream if you are traveling to colder or drier climate.

过去几个月,本人尝试了不少眼霜。或许是先天的不足,我的黑眼圈以及眼袋问题一向挺严重的。 尝试了各不同品牌的护眼产品后,介绍了对抗3种不同问题,介于适中价位的眼霜,包括 Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream, Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Eye Concentrate 以及 Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye。 若您有任何护眼的秘方,不妨与我分享!

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