In dealing with brightly-coloured lips, one consideration is often “Glossy or Matte”? There is no hard and fast rule, as it all boils down to personal preference.

If you are in the search for some bright and wearable lip gloss, Clarins will be launching the Gloss Prodige in 8 delicious shades come February. I had a chance to play with 3 colours prior to the launch!

(from left) Blackberry, Candy and Raspberry Gloss Prodige

Gloss Prodige in Blackberry – a dark purplish pink shade.

Gloss Prodige in Candy – an everyday light pink gloss.

Gloss Prodige in Raspberry – this is a very current magenta gloss that I really fancy. Definitely my favourite shade out of the 3.

This is another decent lipgloss with some light shimmers and good colour payoff. There is some mild stickiness but it isn’t really tacky so that didn’t really bother me much. Other than the shades, I appreciate the slight sparkle and slightly fuller appearance of my lips. I also love the scent of the product, which are actually the notes of blackberry and licorice.

Clarins Gloss Prodige will be released on 1st February and retails at S$35.

娇韵诗今年春夏彩妆系列当中,只有Gloss Prodige 唇蜜将在新加坡售卖。我一向对娇韵诗有很好的评价,这次的Gloss Prodige也依旧非常讨喜。除了颜色非常鲜明,符合本季度的时尚潮流,唇蜜的亮度适中,还散发出诱人的果香。此唇蜜共有8种颜色,本人最喜欢的颜色为Raspberry-是抢眼但不先声夺人的深粉红色调。此产品将于2月1日售卖,价格为35新元。

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